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His father had "bred and raised a number of champions, so I had a good entry into the horse business. Her will included a provision for his children to sell or give their interests in the property to the National Trust or forfeit their share of a separate $3.1 million trust. In 1934, William and Marion established the Montpelier Races, a National Steeplechase event, which continues to be run each fall on the grounds at Montpelier. He said he also enjoys Orlando. He had another operation at Fair Hill, where he established a steeplechase course on his 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) facility.[2]. But the influence of French orthography and prerevolutionary class structure on how English orthography styles surnames today is outweighed by how families and individuals so named style themselves. He said he knows only one of his half-brothers and sisters, who are much older, and that he was not at all close to his father, William Jr., who died when William III was 12. In French, neither syllable is accented."[2]:3. At Liseter Hall Farm, du Pont Jr. established a large thoroughbred racing stable in the 1920s; he raced its horses under the nom de course, Foxcatcher Farm. But the image is deceiving. In many publications, the styling is "du Pont" when quoting an individual's full name and "Du Pont" when speaking of the family as a whole, although some individual Du Ponts have chosen to style it differently, such as Samuel Francis Du Pont. At her death in 1983, Scott bequeathed the estate, designated a National Historic Landmark, to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Their marriage celebration in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, was billed as the "Wedding of the Century" in media accounts because of the wealth of each family. In recent years, the family has continued to be known for its association with political and business ventures, as well as philanthropic causes. People handle it (the wealth and notoriety) one of two ways. § France. Their son William du Pont III also was active with thoroughbreds and later owned Pillar Stud in Lexington, Kentucky. And, of course, she was a great achiever.". His friends and business associates invariably call him "quiet," "low-key," and "private" -- and they vehemently respect that privacy. [15], The stylings "du Pont" and "Du Pont" are most prevalent for the family name in published, copy-edited writings. [12][13] In 2013, Lammot du Pont Copeland's Mt. Jean's father, William Liseter Austin, was a railroad baron at the Baldwin Locomotive Works. Marion also became known for her contributions to horseracing and breeding. "I deal with real estate in the horse business, and I always enjoyed it.". He had also helped write the legislation to authorize development of the park and was the major shareholder. In 1928, William inherited the Bellevue Hall estate in Delaware upon the death of his father. "She's more of a low-profile, very determined person. William's father built Liseter Hall for them on the property in 1922. His mother's example, though, is not enough to explain why a 32-year-old man with a fortune greater than $125 million would feel such a driving urge to continue to achieve, to be responsible. [11] In 1979, du Pont was honored posthumously with induction in the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame. Cuba, and Goodstay. The following list is not a complete genealogy, but is ordered by descent to show the familial relationships between members of the du Pont family throughout history. The three-story Georgianmansion was a replica of Montpelier, wh… In the mid-1930s, Richard Handlen took over as the trainer, managing the stable operation into the 1960s. He and his sons, Victor Marie du Pont and Éleuthère Irénée du Pont, migrated from France in 1800 to the United States and used the resources of their Huguenot heritage to found one of the most prominent of American families, and one of its most successful corporations, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, initially established by Éleuthère Irénée as a gunpowder manufacturer. It is an easy transition. In addition, she provided $10 million to the National Trust to buy the property and to establish an endowment. Perhaps even more unusual is that despite his wealth, he actually works. [14], Beginning with William du Pont, Jr. and his sister, Marion duPont Scott, many members of the Du Pont family have been involved in the breeding and racing of thoroughbred racehorses, as well as establishing racehorse venues and training tracks, including Delaware Park and Fair Hill, MD. The estate featured a Gothic Revival castle built in 1855, which du Pont had remodeled into another replica of his boyhood home of Montpelier. They take the bit in the teeth or fall apart. [9] The Thoroughbred farms and racing were important parts of the Delaware and Maryland economies in those decades, although racing gradually drew smaller crowds. Cuba Center contributed over $20 million to purchase land for donation to the federal government to form the First State National Historical Park. The Du Pont family (English: /djuːˈpɒnt/)[1] is a prominent American family descended from Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours (1739–1817). There were also nearby stone quarries to provide needed building materials.[8]. Florida passes 100,000 coronavirus cases as deaths rise to 3,173, Disney World announces more reopening dates for its hotels, 2 new solar farms to deliver power to 6 Florida cities, including Orlando and Kissimmee. ", He said the Orlando development followed naturally from his horse venture. "Quite frankly," du Pont said, "I look at the inheritance and the name as a certain challenge and/or obstacle that I have to overcome in order to prove my own worth. I was driving myself too hard, allowing the pressures of business to get to me more than they should have.". He was the second child and only son of Annie Zinn (née Rogers) and William du Pont Sr. His older sister was Marion, and they grew up at Montpelier, the historic home of President James Madison, which their parents had bought and expanded. The du Pont fortune dates back more than 200 years and is shared among an estimated 3,500 family members. He says he favors shorts over pin stripes, and he drives a Chevy Blazer. '"[2]:116) The first page of Dutton's monograph[2]:3 contains the following footnote about the surname's styling (the mention of "Samuel Dupont" here refers to the 18th-century Parisian watchmaker, not to his 19th-century descendant): "Samuel Dupont used this form of the family name [i.e., Dupont], but beginning in 1763 his son signed himself 'Du Pont.' On January 1, 1919, du Pont married Jean Liseter Austin. "I'm fairly self-disciplined," du Pont said, in a typical understatement. However, now that du Pont Centre is getting under way, he said he spends two-thirds of his time here. It is the kind of city that he said agrees with his personality -- low-key. The three-story Georgian mansion was a replica of Montpelier, where du Pont had grown up. He gave the couple more than 600 acres (2.4 km2) of land as a wedding gift. According to Forbes magazine, his personal fortune weighs in at at least $125 million, but his favorite airline is Delta; he has no private jet. Jean's father, William Liseter Austin, was a railroad baron at the Baldwin Locomotive Works. Du Pont has spent one month in Orlando every winter since 1975, when he married Nuchi Terry, daughter of fourth-generation Orlando rancher George Terry Sr. It has been one of the richest families in the United States since the mid-19th century, when it founded its fortune in the gunpowder business. His father's death also created a vacancy in the presidency of the Delaware Trust Company, and William ascended to the position.[3][4]. Henry Belin du Pont III 06 Mar 1932 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA - 11 Sep 1976 . At one point, Weisberg, attorney for Henry du Pont, angrily accused Leonard Togman, who represents William du Pont III, of helping to sabotage a settlement. Both T. Coleman and Henry A. du Pont served as U.S. senators, and Pierre S. du Pont, IV served as Governor of Delaware. Du Pont professes not to know "very much about the du Pont family," and he said he does not "relate very well to the ones I know."

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