why is ethical decision making difficult

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” And Walt Whitman exclaimed, "Do I contradict myself? The challenge for organizations is to cultivate environments where ethical decisions are easier, not more difficult. Even a complete about face may be the most appropriate action further down the track. In addition, managers, like all humans, have biases that influence their decision-making, and that can make it difficult for them to make good decisions. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. When there’s precious little time to deeply reflect on decisions, we rely on routines and the surrounding norms to dictate behavior. What makes ethical decision making so difficult ? If you’re facing a difficult choice and asking yourself what you should do, you’re making a decision that has to do with ethics. I've done it in previous blogs. In the second case a conflict arises when there is a distinction to be made about facts and values.
how did Hong Kong become a British colony, what promises were made to whom and under what conditions? In your reading you will note that defense contractors continued to find themselves in hot water well into the 1970s as a result of overpricing and additional charges of bribery. Recent studies involving twins and triplets separated at birth indicate that their likes and dislikes are far closer to that of their biological siblings than to that of their adoptive families. Having a method for ethical decision making is absolutely essential. 2. 5) Is it ethical for Britain handover Hong Kong to China ? Have you reviewed your options with someone you respect? Utilitarian Approach – which action results in the most good and least harm? 6. © Management Study Guide The trench box won't arrive on site for another 6 hours and the city promised residents that the sewer would be fixed by the end of the day, which now seems impossible. Thoughtful people of good will can honestly disagree about ethical issues. What is ethical? 3. You could argue a CEO contributes more to the overall wealth and health of the company and should be appropriately rewarded, however, others may say it is an unfair, indefensible abuse of power. Ethics, after all, isn’t like math, in which there is no disagreement about the multiplication table. However, few, if any, individuals presented with this scenario in a training exercise would ever make the same decision. It ought to be no different for managers who must continually train and prepare for the big ethical decisions they will inevitably face.

Remaining efficient and productive overtook deeper reflection on the ethical implications of “selling” products to customers without their knowledge. All rights reserved. Such exercises vastly simplify one of the main challenges — identifying the ethical dilemma in the first place — by placing a single decision into focus. This content was COPIED from BrainMass.com - View the original, and get the already-completed solution here! Can you give a link for more information (without me having to get bogged down in long, detailed material that would be way above my head)?
The lives you lead, the meanings you attribute to them and the manner in which you experience them are more complicated than any unitary theory can contain. There are three reasons why making ethical decisions in the workplace is harder than in training simulations. First, in exercises, the consequential decision is identified for participants. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? The second factor is that training inevitably exposes different points of view and judgments.

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