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The crunchy roots contain high levels of inulin, a dietary fiber which accounts for its sweet flavor and digestive support properties. Flame Trees. ... A beautiful cream and purple potato that was recorded in Tasmania in 1944. Good for everything,medicinal and cooking, Yacon is very much appreciated when dried and could prolong shelf-life to 6months to one year, Plant as many as possible its like a treaure hiding on the ground (tubers) its a good investment the price is soaring high. The plants are vigorous, herbaceous, perennial and extremely hardy tolerating hot summers, drought and poor soils. Grow yacon, a South-American yam-like plant, on your allotment or at the back of your garden bed and look forward to tending this rare and intriguing vegetable for harvests of water-chestnut-like tubers. The foliage of the plant dies back in the winter after flowering at which time the tubers are harvested carefully to avoid damage to the tubers. You can pretty much let the roots underground mature for themselves after planting. The leaves have been shown to help reduce the level of glucose in the blood, while both the tubers and the leaves help to stimulate the pancreas to help regulate the maintenance of blood sugars. If there is still a threat of frost, keep the plant on a sunny windowsill. Yacon can lower sugar levels and clean our blood. The yacon tubers taste like a cross between a watermelon and apple to some, and like a sweet juicy jicama to others. They are sweet, juicy and almost calorie free. Give them good soil but do not overfertilise unless you want lots of leaves and not tubers. This relative of the sunflower is popular to the people of Columbia, Ecuador and Argentina. Some sunburn, droopy leaves and required daily watering. Address:25113 S Ridge Rd Beavercreek, OR 97004, Copyright 2019 Moon Ridge Farms - All Rights Reserved, Effective anti-diabetic, hypoglycemic with actions to reduce the level of sugar in the blood, Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides (hostile to atherosclerosis), Promotes the development of bifid bacteria and Bacillus subtilis in the colon, Prevents the growth of putrefactive microorganisms that tend to cause diarrhea, Assists with common stomach disorders such as heartburn, indigestion and gastric disorders, Controls constipation, increased excretion, Strengthens the immune system and powerful antioxidant, Reduces blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides, Can also reduce body weight and fat stores, Colon cancer prevention and beneficial to colon health in general, Strengthens the immune system response and high in anti-oxidants, Beneficial in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Also known as the 'Earth Apple' this is one of the ancient crops of the Inca's. Just dug up my yacon, pleanty of tubers and slips for next year interesting eating just raw slighly sweet so I think kids would love could be added to any vegetables for kids. The waxy yellow flesh is ideal mashed or boiled as 'new' potatoes. As the roots develop, they may protrude from the soil surface; mound more soil over them to protect the developing roots from slugs or other pests. Yacon is used for medicinal purposes mainly because it contains a type of sugar that is largely not metabolized by the human body. The tubers are sweet enough to be used in a fruit salad. Fruit trees organised alphabetically from A-Z. Save the crown and rhizomes with a few roots attached to re-plant next spring. While it is not a very exciting looking plant (think bulbous yam) and it is not high in nutritous value, its sweet crunchy texture mean it can be used raw or lightly cooked in either s... Had this root for years and is very prolific. I have added compost etc to our sandy soil and I have split it up and hope to have a good crop. I think it will improve the value of my site eeaeggfggdecbcfe. I'm still in the discovery stage of the Yacon tuber. Its name comes from the Quechua word yaku alluding to the root’s high water content. amber marcum wrote:Thank you!It is so frustrating trying to find the unusual plants that Geoff recommends. The main stem can also be used like celery. dgkffcacaedagacc, I have to agree with your statement with this issue and gkgkdcaaeabebadd, I like what you guys are up too. Tops really good animal fodder or mulch (high protein). ... Beetroot burgundy flesh is high in antioxidants and a fun variety for the whole family. Peel before eating as skin is bitter. This member of the sunflower family originates in the Andes mountains of South America. Grate raw for salads, steams well. Just started growing in my back yard. After a slow start they then grew quite rapidly. Exciting results! Then you can gift the tubers to your friends and neighbors. Teas made from the leaves can reduce blood sugar by increasing the amount of insulin circulating in the blood stream. Good for mid-late season planting. Yacon has been cultivated throughout the Andes for centuries, but it has spread surprisingly little away from its origins. Buttery and rich, Nicola is everything you could ask for in a potato. It’s the start of potato season at Diggers. Covering in spectacular purple flowers (white option too) a good sign that spring has arrived. Harvest Time Autumn. We are currently TAKING ORDERS for yacon crowns and yacon starts for Spring 2021. You can pretty much let the roots underground mature for themselves after planting. It is indeed a wonder root crop! 1/3 of a pound will grow a 4’x4′ bed and yield 10+ pounds of edible tubers. Yacon also can be stir-fried, roasted, baked or made into pies and healthy chips. They are also great in salads and a wonderful addition to smoothies. Pleasant, very juicy and crunchy raw. Made from UV protected woven materials they have a resealable window for easy harvest. Plants are heat tolerant but may require more water during hot spells. Ideal for the back of the border where it softens the outline of its garden companions. Pot the divisions in 4-6 inch pots, and allow them to grow indoors until the last threat of frost has passed. Tiny enough to grow in small backyards but the fruit size is still large. Easily grown in Melbourne. Will fall about everywhere so needs to be tied up. The use of micro pulverized Yacon leaves in capsules for the treatment of diabetes has become more popular in modern times, especially in Japan. This beauty from Brazil threads its stiffly upright stems through other perennials, floating hundreds of amethyst hemispheres of bloom. This is your chance to try our Tatey bag with the Heirloom all-rounder King Edward. Royal Blue skin fades to golden brown when made into chips. The tubers are a nice, crisp, sweet treat when eaten raw. Copyright 2020 The Diggers Club Pty Ltd Since 1978. Plant didn't like the full Australian sun. Possibly one of the most valuable of summer flowering plants. If you live in a frost-free climate, you can harvest your crop after about 5 months in the ground or wait until you see the plant starting to naturally fade. A vigorous potato with a delicious creamy yellow flesh. Some varieties can be grown in Australia's cities without diseases like the muscadine grapes. Packed under licence ... 'Sebago' is considered a great all round potato with its white to light brown flesh these potatoes are high in nutrients can be baked, boiled, grilled, mashed your option are endless. An all time favourite heirloom, 'Kipfler' remains unbeaten in salads or as 'new' boiled potatoes. Love Yacon Syrup, would love to grow my own to make. A safer natural alternative for your health! Yacon tubers and rhizomes. Gently loosen the soil in a 24 inch circle around the plant and lift the crown with its roots using a digging fork. Soil Type Well-drained soil high in organic matter. Therefore the bifido-bacteria stimulated by the consumption of yacon assist with decay of wastes, have fewer toxins and consequently there is less risk of colon cancer. It is an excellent potato for roasting, mashing and even salads. The tasty fruit-like roots of Yacón are deliciously sweet, crisp, juicy and very low in calories. Pests & Diseases Yacon is generally pest and disease resistant, but can be bothered by the same pests that favor sunflowers, since they are related. The petal-like pieces remind me a bit of a dried apple, but more rooty. They are very easy to grow, productive and produce sweet tubers that can be eaten raw. I dug up a couple of tubers and ate them - ... Yacon is truly a remarkable plant. Great for boiling, chips and fantastic for roasts. 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