what are you doing nowadays in korean

When added to a name, this essentially means Mr./Mrs./Miss. Estimates of native words (derived from Old English) range from 20%–33%, with the rest made up of outside borrowings. wow, there are so many bad comments about korea… I wonder why… Im korean but Im not a racist at all! The totally ignorant racist generalisations in the article or the blantant racism in the comments. To a Westerner, I may ask how your wife and children are doing, but to an Arab, it would be very rude (you may generally ask about family, but not specifically about the women of the family). Of course not. That would be a more correct statement instead of saying that the Japanese and Korean language originated from Chinese. All spoken languages are by the same virtue phonetic. I was raised in Vancouver, BC (Canada), so my Japanese and Chinese spoken language is weak. But I met many Chinese as well, and they was always very polite with me. One day, Chinese economy will get much better and GDP Per Capita will not be forty years behind of Japan like today, and by that time you will find Chinese people are not so bad. Through Western eyes, it may be impolite to ask how much something costs, whereas in China, it’s not rude. Despite heavy traffic, tolls every 20km, and parking lots that require incredible dexterity and zen focus, it is enjoyable and safe. u think japanese suck at english right? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For me, is just about perception and what you want for your life. Same with Indonesia. Ok- I know I really shouldn’t be slamming down a country by generalizing it, but c’mon, you are literally doing the same. by the way there are bad guys in every single countries. I and most non mainland chinese think the brash and loud part is a result of the cultural revolution: the lack of manners, culture, compassion, the absolute inconsiderate behaviour etc. Honorifics are incredibly important in Korean culture for proper conversation and relationship-building, and forgetting to use them can be seen as very disrespectful. In Japanese, Kanji replaces a lot of long words and make writing faster by 40%. Kanji goes without saying. You are deadly wrong. I have a friend of with this mix, he speaks Korean and English fluently but he is learning Chinese, living in Malaysia. ( Log Out /  Both countries borrowed the character letters, and the koreans don’t even use them since the 13th century. Modern-day Japanese men and women typically prefer subtle hues, often with dresses and skirts for women and tight pants for men. It is easy. If you are to talk about the “Oriental” Asians. In the same chapter, the authors take a stab at teaching Korean kids about nicknames in English: Also not how nicknames work, but I’m starting to see a pattern here. Quite a funny thing as a police officer with the flashing red white and blue LED light attached to his shoulder patch just kept on walking as he didn’t seem to care one way or another. Was just merely pointing out that your original statement wasn’t entirely correct either lol. What is your point? How do you say hamburger, coffee, nylon, vitamin, etc.. in Chinese? Just look at this example, each country has its own laws, and there is this United Nations, which has standard laws in the international community that has to be followed by each member country. – Turkic language family You need to work on how to lie better, kid. the spoken language seems like it could not be more different”, in the article, which just displays a basic lack of research. China lost their culture because of ruling of Manchu form 17th to early 20th century. And she’s studying about Chinese History, she can speak Mandarin at some level and loves Chinese pop culture. Do you know what does 漢 mean in Chinese ? japanese is very clean,modernized compared to chinese or korea . just show me! Apparently, it’s a gathering of scouts. I wouldn’t be so sure about that.. This would suggest to me that the Cantonese (which I believe is a Mandarin dialect) which she speaks back home would involve a far more complicated and important pronunciation of the vowels whereas the syllables carry far less importance. Japanese and Korean are originated from of Chinese language, I’m Chinese here and we learn it from history :), my Japanese and Korean friends admitted this statement as well . I dont mean to offend anyone, im just saying my personal opinion. I grew up speaking 3 Chinese dialects: Teochew, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Moped was running the red light the person standing in the street was just chilling waiting for the pedestrian sign to turn green. Question about English (US). I’m not sharing this to make fun of Korean people’s attempts at speaking English (God knows I could never make a Korean textbook). Japanese :ken Korean≒Japanese. To me, a person’s language and way of speaking says a lot about their culture; and you can really learn a lot about the person’s background when you start paying attention to how they speak. I have 4 Japanese woman friends, have met a few others in my life time, and all of them are really attractive. Please check your email for further instructions. , you know that the entire language consists of only 5 vowel sounds and about 100 different syllables with very few variations. Of course, nowadays most of Chinese are speaking Mandarin but do u know Mandarin is only the official language in Qing dynasty. If you want to get in good with your Korean co-workers, consider sharing snacks at work, helping a coworker in need and eat lunch often with your coworkers to show your “jeong”. But, even if the book has stereotypes, at least it has inspirational cartoons: Let’s not forget about Sora. Indeed, Japanese language and Korean language, share a bigger similarity to each other as well as other northeast asian languages such as Manchurian( a dying language in China) Mongolian etc, and this group of languages has a different rout from Chinese languages. So selfish and cunning that, when someone returns a wallet, they put it on YouTube because returning is unthinkable. And that i think koreans are one of the most racist people(it could b that they will like u on the basis of ur race) on this earth which i believe has some historical backgrounds i wont go into (search for how many wars were fought with/ by other countries in korea from 1800 ~ 1960s.) It’s amazing how, as humans, we can all be so similar, but yet, also so very different at the same time. Just pay a little more attention. I’m from England and we tend to say the Germans, the Japanese, the Thais, the Americans, etc. Tang wasn’t in good relation with Korean so Japanese may have taken different route to trade with Tang. The Japanese and Koreans language was heavily influenced by the Chinese language. . not just copy these languages studing from wikipedia ,we know how to wiki! You’re right about the Tungus Manchu in Koreans. Fair enough, you can’t tell the difference, but you don’t need to sound ignorant by actively saying that you can’t tell three significantly different countries apart.. I’m Asian and I can easily tell the French, Spanish and Germans apart.. And I haven’t even lived in any of these countries, I was born and raised in Korea. Turkish, Azerbijani, Turkmen, etc. Although your points concerning Japanese have merit, your statement about English does not: – “The English language belongs to the Anglo-Frisian sub-group of the West Germanic branch of the Germanic languages, a member of the Indo-European languages.”, (Source: – http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_language ), “However, a significant portion of the English vocabulary comes from Romance and Latinate sources. All three nationalities are Mongoloids. I witnessed and/or experienced some of the most rude behavior imaginable. A few chapters later, these two kids show up next to a river, apparently with no plans. Although English and German are Germanic languages and Latin is a Romance Language, they are related. Korean culture is profoundly influenced by Confucian principles and this pervades not only personal lives, but also business. ill judge if its perfect. You won’t need too much info in order to choose the right honorific, but overall, it’s a safe choice to use an honorific when you first meet someone. Any disputes with my post can be verified with very simple research–so please conduct that research before spewing any reckless, racist nonsense. To reiterate what others have said, neither Korean or Japanese languages evolved from any Chinese dialect. A writing system is just a writing system. The best part? I flipped to the credits page in the back with the contributor photos, and sure enough there’s a native English speaker this time around. Modern-day Japanese men and women typically prefer subtle hues, often with dresses and skirts for women and tight pants for men. We also greet each other with “Hello, friends!” so A+ English here. chinese is more similar to english actually as far as the grammar goes. Company dinners are the same. Mand. NOT AT ALL. But why all the fuss with how we address other people? Especially if observing tourists. But fear not, Jason recovers and tries to woo Sora, his lady-friend, by picking up a frog in the park and showing it to her: Sora takes the frog while their creepy friends watch from the bottom left corner.

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