verizon fios outage

Equipment was supposed to arrive today but it apparently hadn’t shipped yet. Please don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. Get Fios for the fastest internet, TV and phone service. It is spying on me and hacking into my apps. Fios stands for “Fiber Optic Service.” It is a bundled television, telephone and Internet access service. Shout out to @Verizon for an excellent customer support call today. It is throwing money and influence around. Well I still have a Galaxy Note9. Genius plan. Comcast can bite the dust. @radhared Well I still have a Galaxy Note9. 5G phone won't work with 4G cards. Your IP: In order to assist in a more secure environment, please follow/DM us. crashes, internet outages, update and maintain devices like corporate tech support. @AndyVibeTV Smh get Fios bro 850-950 up and down. Anyone else in the Amherst area experiencing an outage with their @verizonfios? Is this your residential service or wireless/cellular? Did anything change with your device recently (any new apps or software updates)? Bad? It is throwing money and influence around. Verizon offers mobile and landline communications services, including broadband internet and phone service. @gido5731 @fcpsnews Same here no issue on FIOS, 1 hour on hold my issue has been with phone upgrades. Comcast can bite the dust. @jprice9227 @disneyplus @verizon Torture. If you have not already would you please reboot that device by either holding the alarm silence button for 30 seconds or removing the power for the same amount of time. @VZWSupport it’s 6:15. did they mean 6 central time? Leave a message in the comments section! @verizonfios Is it normal to have to power cycle the DVR box every night before you sit down to watch tv? i chose fios instead of you and fingers crossed they dont turn into the swamp goblin your company is, @verizonfios fix your damn internet, shits been down, @Kmega4 If you can switch over to Verizon FiOS it's an incredible buy and I've never had any problems with my internet and if I did they come out relatively fast. Verizon Fios; Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia; Is Verizon Fios Having an Outage in Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia Right Now? I was a customer for 5 years, moved to an town where Fios was not available. @MrAyo0o @verizonfios I think so! Verizon is working to repair service. @yankee32879 What is the estimated time for restoration. This is your shitty service. tried 2 select my 5 ch & told I’m stuck w the 1 sales rep selected 4 next 30 days. For the love of god @verizonfios please expand one town over so I can get out of this @comcast hellhole and have some actual decent, reliable, symmetrical internet service. I believe the Verizon optical is not connected right and tapped. Page last updated by Verizon Fios; Outage Map; Is Verizon Fios Having an Outage Right Now? The internet is so fast, and if I do have a problem @FinnyLBStarry95 @NevilleRay @TMobile @Verizon Yuck. you haven't lived until you spent nearly three hours on the phone with verizon support and apple support only to be disconnected four times!!! The issue that you're potentially damaging businesses arbitrarily with no method for consumers to report this? @verizonfios we have fios outage in 22182. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. Please share more details. I tried chatting with online agents and would have achieved more asking my shoe. But they won't even upgrade their network down here. Discount was removed mid-cycle which would have been ok but I was not even notified, only found out when billed. I am voting @VZWSupport @Verizon Does anyone have @verizonfios tv one and if so does your mini box freeze? Fios stands for “Fiber Optic Service.” It is a bundled television, telephone and Internet access service. Would get @verizonfios for our business if we could . Verizon Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon. Verizon Wireless is a telecommunications company which offers mobile telephony products and wireless services. @CLLinhart Thank you for the information. Anybody try the Verizon LTE internet? Will they provide a caregiver that knows how to get child on ever changing zooms, work google classroom, use epic, raz kids, deal with comp. Last Updated 2 minutes ago: Verizon Fios is a bundled broadband internet access, telephone, and television service that operates over a fiber-optic communications network with over 5 million customers in the United States. Same with hose. No internet, phone, or tv. No, I didn't think so.. #keepnycschoolsopen, Wifi down again ..@OptimumHelp ..and I'm not sure why I don't get reg phone service without wifi @VZWSupport ..everytime the wifi down I loose internet ..n likewise when I'm out on the st..very sketch in and out service. No such problems when I had T-Mobile or Verizon. Scheduling a technician out. This is ancient customer-antagonizing practice that should not be happening anymore. did they even mean today? It is a separate line on ours but still inferior to what we had before. It is spying on me and hacking into my apps. @comcast @sglenn21 I call bullshit. Asking for a friend... @verizonfios disappointed with my bill being triple than normal. i’m stressed about my cable . Buffalo, Grand Island, Amherst, East Amherst and Tonawanda. @DBrown83058431 . did they even mean today? Until T-Mobile bought them out, then I kept having the same issues as I did before leaving T-Mobile. If you don’t shut that **** down it will fester and you’ll have a chat full of horny arseholes, nobody should want that. @comcast @BearCov You said you would never do this publicly. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f7b7053b9980b7c First to 5G. Are you experiencing any issues with your service? @aaronengineered Comcast business with five statics but slow and Fios one gig both ways. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. @Barnacules They have that data cap on Florida and it sucks. Also don't post any of your personal information. @espn via @verizonfios log in has all the skips today. Good? Oh ok , just me? @AndyVibeTV Smh get Fios bro 850-950 up and down. @Acroandras I hate Verizon Fios. Verizon was one of the first U.S. carriers to offer fiber to the home. No, @LincVanHop @fgervasi22 @getFANDOM @Verizon It happens to every new console,they have problems but what matters is the long run,and rn the ps5 is gonna outlast the xbox with a lot more games/apps to use, @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor @Verizon Wonderful! So, whatever work i guess. @FinnyLBStarry95 @NevilleRay @TMobile @Verizon Yuck. @AWAWBlog Sites down from both midco cable and verizon cell phone. That's no good. @Pro_Kesadia So glad I don’t have @comcast @AGBecerra are you aware of this? @4ReUnitedStates Assuming it’s a @news4buffalo issue. @VZWSupport I was lied to about the 5G capabilities of my phone and now I'm stuck paying for service I cannot use with no solution.

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