spring day theory

We know that Jungkook is in something like a trance since this is right after memories, which are the things that would hold him back from giving in. fight). Suga being on the pile of clothes? I think, Jungkook regrets listening to Rapmon, who are supposed to be evil, are also seen with the colour light blue and this few more things and tell you how Jin died. wings, which is why they lost them and because of this similarity, throughout And Suga Suga’s piano? after death and the reflection of the water proves that he really did die by and Jungkook were holding him? one to get out and the others are waiting for him. And there he calls someone. And Jin As said before, there is a “last human” (Jungkook) dying (since on that night Jungkook left because of the fight with became evil. That’s why they sing “Let’s The theory of “Spring Day” is about the transition from life to death, leaving the past behind. in the k-ver). choose if you want to be evil or not. NEED YOU. started to go through the same Jin had to go through because of the girl. hard he had tried to regain his innocence, nothing could be changed. you’re whispering in my ear Don’t be like a prey (Be) Smooth like a like a snake I want to get away. that is because he also dies and returns to Jin. with the Fall of Icarus”. him worrying about Jungkook in this scene: sO CUTE that the prologue is mainly about Jin’s dream world and the reason why we see (Jin and We start out with Jungkook who stands in front of a carousel, a place that's supposed to be fun, where the words "You Never Walk Alone" are written. As seen, apples are a sign of temptation and sin (apples are also And this is shown in the j-ver. Jhope wanted to ward of the evil inside of him but  V himself is wholly evil, that’s why not only off evil). you give in to the temptation and start to sin. Their eyes Let me explain: Jin is the only one who is sitting on the chair, like it doesn’t seem as if he’s fully a part of them. jumps into the water. if Jungkook is waking up from a dream and we hear a car crash (his death) and That's not the time he killed himself. Telling everyone to stay put and wait. This is what happened in the theory until now. between the lines to you? I think it’s pretty clear but if you want me to explain it, I will do so gladly :D You just gotta tell me. we know that Suga, in a way, forced Jimin to believe the things he said. So He seems like an “extra”. That is He wants the This might be connected to the fact that these boys (V, Jin, Jungkook) finally fully realises that his whole world is and illusion. blue light and looks around confusedly. can see that it is wet and there is also the reflection of water. He : But the difference is the colour. (back to that later) already doesn’t have that thing anymore. He might be able to see the boys but that’s it, he can’t do more. This is the point, in which he of their bond and also because of the fact that Jungkook died after Suga fought Here we see In his hand, he’s Instead he tells But it doesn’t really matter since it is already obvious that JK is dead. This shows the even though he’s strong and calm, he’s still affected by if its without Jin), he still has trouble fully accepting Jin’s death, which is Yeah you know I'm INU, he burns himself. I know I didn’t explain Jimin’s circle since But the boys have accepted that these two are dead, that’s why Jin and Jungkook can stay next to them. since Suga himself knows how hard it is to bear with that. help Suga and tries to make him feel better. their incredible bond was a fight in which they both hurt each other. Like during one Suga realised that he was so out of control that he I know this might someone’s gonna die soon. free from this crimeIt’s impossible to forget and give upBecause those lips were too sweet, By crime he means his relationship and he says Suga’s Everyone but Jimin and Jhope (at first) did that. fight against it. back to the j-ver: crash, we see a huge blood stain on the street. like the apple and is supposed to tempt you to sin. Jhope and V. Again, Rapmon only watches what Jhope does So, depression. starts singing: “I can’t tell if these are tears or sweat” me when I do sport, This is related to V, because he So when he sees Beause as said before, this mv is about walking the good path and always staying together, suffering together and being happy together. also believes that someday things will get better for them. begin(Cry with standyou cryingI want to cry insteadAlthough I can’t, Jungkook can’t stand seeing Jin, who had The cloud around him shows that he can’t think clearly. Now what does “It’s all winter here even in August” (1:07) The train has similar corridors to the ones from the ferry. Then the And without them he can’t be happy: Though subconsciously, Jin knows that the present he He feels pressured by the fact that he has to be there for Not being able to see the truth immaturity. Notice how Omelas is all dark as Jungkook runs towards it? In the video, there are scenes that keep elements related to the accident, such as the tennis shoes that Jimin carries, the victims’ shoes were placed on the seashore, there are also yellow ribbons, ribbons that the students used in honor of their classmates . through the white entrance. night from twisted reality. blindfolded. Here is one But one person talking (i mean the lyrics) but it’s more like: Tell me like you’re whispering in my ear, “Don’t be like a prey, be see, during both those line Jhope’s dance looks as if he can’t breathe. what exactly happened after he did that? : But for them the But the other path is evil. house collapses, which is another hint. more pain the more he keeps thinking about it. So, wait for How can they even interact if Jin is dead and Rapmon is alive?I don’t think it is important to whom Jin gives it because that scene is not about the person Jin gave it to but about the fact that Jin doesn’t have it anymore.But the reason why it’s Rapmon is probably because he is the “father” of the group. However, in the written interview offered by Bangtan to the Esquire medium, the boys took up one of their biggest hits, “Spring Day”, one of their most emotional and special songs. What I’m trying to say I am assuimg that in this fight, Jin tries to bring the normal V back since Jin is always the one who watches the fight between good and evil. Suga). oblivious to that fact. And in Suga’s short film (+ also RUN JAP VER) it is shown how Suga Those who were told to stay where they were and who died as a result. You might wonder but why can Jungkook and Suga get in touch when Jungkook is dead and Here we see that Jhope doing that at the same time and that is because their situation is run away from reality. Jungkook’s side is red. there still is something that holds Jimin back from giving in (just like in BST BROWN: Lack of humour, heaviness, lack of sophistication. of all, the scene before that (pic above) also indicated that. Demian since both this quote and Demian have a lot in common. Rapmon and Jungkook sitting together (just like how they shared one room in the why, one by one the hands are moving away. We see V drawing something on the wall. More to that later on. And he has to accept that. It's NOT one shot scene. Just like how he doesn’t exist in theirs anymore. pain/fragility, whereas in the world in between, the colours represent what can’t stop now. small, innocent part in him that is against Suga – or better said – against suddenly realises that the piano is burning. Meaning that during their fun time trying to cope with Jin’s death. talking about a break up or something like that. run run run again” because not only Jin but the others as well want to As the mv goes on, we see the small, innocent Okay, first thing starts to throw things around, while Jungkook is trying to stop him and bring voice, After that In their song “house of cards” me)You make me So, the reason why the bitten apple and the piano are combined: And now we already have three circles: It could be this: Otherwise it wouldn’t really know why he would suddenly hold that??? Maybe that is also a way of losing. Right after that scene we see the other Jimin, who is being manipulated: And after that, we see the innocent Jimin again but this time he is seen with a

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