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There is certainly more than one use for old worn quilted mattress pads. Here we have shared some of the best ways to get rid of your old foam mattress topper that are good for the environment and your wallet. I used several old pillow cases and sewed them side be side. Protein stains, the most common type of stain when dealing with mattresses, become set into fabric when warm water is applied to them. That is a lot better than just throwing them away. You may want to dye your old worn quilted mattress pad to a vibrant and even color before you begin to make a shade out of it. Cut a piece of mattress pad two inches larger than needed to allow for hemming. Not to mention all … Some manufacturers take old bedding through disposal or buy-back agreements. Some mattress toppers are also made of toxic materials like flame retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates which can be harmful to the environment. I wonder why people often forget this. A lot of people change mattress topper after this period, that means there is quite a bit of waste out there. Helpful guides for proper disposal and recycling. All Rights Reserved. In addition, you can use the foam from your old mattress topper to create lumbar support pillows for vehicles and desk chairs by cutting the foam down to a size that will comfortably fit your lower back while you are sitting. They can be used to make pillows for your kids and pets. If your mattress topper isn’t in such great condition, you should drop it off at a local recycling center or salvage it by repurposing the materials with a little bit of creativity. These materials are then separated and used in the production of new products. When they decompose, they can also release hydrogen cyanide, isocyanates, etc. Make some cushions out of your 'to be disposed' topper. Why not cut your topper into square pieces and use them as dishwashing sponges. There are many creative ways how you can reuse your old mattress topper if you can’t recycle it or give it to someone. will probably accept your mattress topper. If you have pets, you can cut your memory foam mattress topper to a perfect size that will suit your dog or cat. Mattress pads are also good for making quilted shades, like a Roman shade. Cover it with a waterproof cover, the foam doesn't go well with pee. Then, pile them up together to make it fluffier. Use it on a day bed in your garden or patio. A very common use for old worn quilted mattress pads is in pet beds. When you contact your local recycling center, ask them how you can use any local recycling programs or drop-off sites for memory foam. Instead of throwing away your mattress topper, why not repurpose them? There are ways to put old foam mattresses to good use. Donate them to the homeless or shelter homes. Many public works departments and local health boards have recycling programs that focus on recycling mattresses. Then press it evenly to the opened bamboo shade. Turn the "pillow case" inside out so the finished sides are on the outside. 4. You can cut the foam and use it as padding for car seats. density memory foam mattress … Reusing a Mattress Pad. Mattress pads are also good for making quilted shades, like a Roman shade. Any quilter would love having it. Why not use it in the middle of a quilt. You can cut it up in a smaller size to fit your furry baby. However, even if you are allowed to throw away your old mattress topper on trash day, you may want to think again whether throwing it away like this is really the best way of disposing of it. There are many creative ways how you can reuse your old mattress topper if you can’t recycle it or give it to someone. LoadUp provides customers with an honest and upfront price even before they book, green disposal methods such as donation and recycling, and lightning-speed removal service as soon as next-day. If your foam mattress topper isn’t in terrible shape, it might be worth holding on to. Some people have even been known to use them to cover plants in the colder months or to cut the mattress pad up into rags for cleaning. 8. This can lead to the release of hydrogen cyanide, isocyanates, and flame retardants, all of which have a very negative impact on our planet. Buy some spray fabric adhesive at your local fabric store. Especially when it comes to your old mattress pad. Instead of throwing out the old mattress pad, you can: Throwing your foam topper into the trash cart or a dumpster can be bad for the environment. And if you can't do that donate it or put in in freecycle. Most memory foam manufacturers understand that the materials they use aren’t environmentally friendly, and offer resources to assist their customers with recycling options. IDLE Sleep Hybrid, IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid vs. Brentwood Home Cedar, IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid vs. Helix Midnight Luxe, IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid vs. Avocado. This is an excellent idea to reuse your old topper. I write about home improvements, beddings, bedroom decor and other stuff.

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