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Wait for the instructions to arrive in your inbox The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the global Muslim community. Millions of Muslims around the world are celebrating Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calender. Press | Send us your Press Releases & Media Invites. Pakistani Muslims sweep the floor of a mosque on the eve of Ramadan in Karachi on July 10, 2013. These days, many Muslims see these traditions as an important means of providing young children with fond memories of a righteous time to hold close to their hearts in the future. The iftar meal will still be as significant as ever during Ramadan in 2020, even if there are fewer people sitting around the table than usual. Every year, the people of Egypt welcome Ramadan with colourful fanous – intricate lanterns that symbolise unity and joy throughout the holy month. Soups are a staple of iftar meals in Turkey, with one of the most popular being the delicious and nutritious mercimek or lentil soup. Ottawa Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts recently ate hospital food and you won’t believe what happened next. Ever since the days of the Ottoman Empire, those fasting during Ramadan have woken up to the sound of a drum beating early in the morning for suhoor. Comparable to the Halloween festivities found in other parts of the world, Haq Al-Laila is when children go knocking from door to door of their neighbours singing or chanting for sweets and chocolates. Drummers dress in traditional Ottoman costume, including a fez and vest that are both adorned with traditional motifs.

Across the globe, Muslims mark this time with vibrant celebrations that are unique to their region and passed on through generations. The fast presents a physical and spiritual challenge every year, but particularly when the holiday falls during harsh Mideast summer when the days are longest and temperatures soar in some places to 50 degrees Celsius. The new moon heralds the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, prayer and charitable giving for Muslims worldwide. Often, socialising will continue here from iftar until sahur.

Muslims throughout the world are celebrating the holy fasting month of Ramadan, refraining from eating, drinking, and smoking from dawn to dusk. Muslim families will often invite them inside their homes to play traditional ballads to celebrate the start of iftar. Inside are bright and colourful zellij tiles and intricate marble floors, together with stone and woodwork, carved by hand, following ancient traditions. Shared by many countries across the Gulf, this day sees children roaming their neighbourhoods dressed in bright clothing, collecting sweets and nuts in tote bags known as kharyta – all while singing traditional local songs. It is the largest historic mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a classic example of early Ottoman architecture. I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia's Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia's Privacy Statement. / AFP/Getty Images, MOHAMMED ABED Usually it would be available for free in restaurants throughout Indonesia or sold in the special Ramadan street markets. Other than fasting, praying and everything in between, many Muslims from all around the world carry out unique Ramadan traditions. Some believe that it was designed by the great Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan. Typically lights are hung between the minarets displaying the message: ‘Hoşgeldin Ramazan’ or ‘Ya Şehr-i Ramazan’ (Welcome Ramadan).
Ramadan is traditionally a time of personal reflection and feeling a sense of brotherhood with fellow Muslims, but in the aftermath of the military overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi, the divisions among Egyptians extend even down to this traditional meal. To help gain some perspective on that symphony, and perhaps offer insight into some of the other sections of the tune playing out elsewhere, consider the following four objects from around the world that all play a vital role in Ramadan celebrations elsewhere. Emperor’s Mosque (Careva Dzamija), Sarajevo. This practice is believed to have been spread by Wali Songo, a group of revered priests who were the first missionaries to communicate Islamic teachings throughout Java.

The end of Ramadan is signified by the sighting of the first crescent of the moon. The tales of its origin differ, but a prominent account dates the birth of the fanous to one night during the Fatimid dynasty, when Egyptians greeted Caliphate Al-Muʿizz li-Dīn Allah as he arrived in Cairo on the first day of Ramadan. After their final iftar, droves of women and girls flock to the local bazaars to buy colourful bangles and to paint their hands and feet with intricate henna designs. (Getty Images), Indonesian Muslims prepare to sight the new moon from the rooftop of the Al-Hidayah Basmol mosque in Jakarta on July 8, 2013 in preparation for the beginning of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan. The beduk  is a traditional drum, suspended from a rack, usually made from water buffalo leather, which makes a distinctive sound.

Many will have been to the tailor to buy new clothes for Taraweeh - and will be dressed in fine Moroccan robes such as abaya, jellaba, jilbeb or qamis with brightly coloured Moroccan shoes such as balgha and cherbil. Home to the largest Muslim population in the world and with over 50% of the world’s entire Muslim population, there are many Ramadan traditions being practised in Indonesia. Springs hold deep spiritual significance in Javanese culture and are an integral part of purification for the holy month. As you think on these communities, think on the ways you can help them carry these traditions on into the future, and even let new traditions form. In May, temperatures in Indonesia are already rising with an average high in Jakarta of around 32°C. Dressed to the nines in their ethnic wear and bringing along their beautifully decorated baskets to hold on to the candies, children begin their rounds after Maghrib. Muslims across the world are observing the holy fasting month of Ramadan, where they refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn to dusk. Children of various nationalities and abili The end of Ramadan is signified by the sighting of the first crescent of the moon. (Getty Images). After breaking the fast with the traditional date, usually one of Morocco’s soft, sweet Medjoul dates and drinking fermented milk,  many families start their iftar meal with Harira soup, a delicious and nutritious soup made from tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils and lamb. Enter your email address below

Also read: 6 Travel Tips for Muslims Travelling During Ramadan. It can accommodate up to 25 thousand worshippers, making it one of the largest mosques in the world. In 1935 it was changed into a museum. It has the distinction of having been the first mosque in the world to use electric lighting, in 1898 during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Auditor general highlights Ontario’s ‘confusing,’ indirect communications on COVID-19 in new report, A 2020 space oddity? 1. Other than fasting, praying and everything in between, many Muslims from all around the world carry out unique Ramadan traditions.
Thank you for verifiying your email address. COMMENTARY: What’s the deal with ‘The Great Reset’? The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the global Muslim community. Please read our Commenting Policy first. Ramadan Around The World showcases how various cultures celebrate the Islamic holiday. Well, if you have ever eaten hospital food, you probably will. Awakening the streets for suhoor, Ramadan drummers are decked in typical Ottoman Empire attire to ensure their traditions stay alive. Usually, during Ramadan, worshippers at Taraweeh prayers would spill out on to the surrounding streets, with prayers from the mosque being relayed over a loudspeaker to those standing outside. The information below will be used to optimize the content and make ads across the network more relevant to you. Even though modern technology offers many more efficient alternatives, lanterns remain a staple of the Egyptian Ramadan tradition, as well as in many other countries in the Muslim world. / AFP/Getty Images, AHMAD AL-RUBAYE With each country filled with their own special cultural practices, here are some of what is being carried out today. In both cases, though, it is agreed that it began in Cairo. Ramadan Around the World: Germany Dear friends Assalamu Alaikum. Shops stay open until early morning and the atmosphere of the bazaars are bustling with anticipation for Eid. Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calender, in which they abstain from eating, drinking and conducting sexual relations from sunrise to sunset. A young Indian Muslim girl arranges food plates before Iftar on the first day of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan at the Jama Masjid Mosque in New Delhi on July 11, 2013. {* #signInForm *}

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