quick and crispy greaseless fryer cost

We ship light goods with a DHL delivery service and tracking information is provided via SMS text message. Cooks 0.5kg of French fries in 3.5 minutes. In addition, the Quik n’ Crispy can also grill other frozen … A promise of quality that is backed by a commercial 1-year parts & labour warranty and extensive after-sales care and support. Learn more. Quick N' Crispy Greaseless Air Fryer. Quik n' Crispy GF5, Commercial, Kitchen, Air Fryer, Greaseless Quick N Crispy.

They can now close the kitchen earlier, saving thousands in labor cost, and still serve delicious late night snacks and appetizers to their customers! Contact us and we will endeavor to acquire any additional information you require. American Manufactured, the Quik-n-Crispy commercial greaseless regeneration fryer is the flagship product of a specialist American Manufacturer based in Huston Texas. Please … There is no regular deep cleaning, oil changes or recycling of waste necessary. 900064 $120.00, Cooling Blower for GF5 200V – 240V 50Hz.-60 Hz. You will be amazed at its versatility. Spray-on cleaner, with a 1 quart spray bottle DIPR-1G $60.00, Dip Tank Cleaner (Replaces HDS-W) Soaking solution, 2 lb.

Either complete our application form, or apply online by adding all the items you’re interested in leasing to your shopping cart and selecting ‘Apply for Finance’ on checkout. The Quik-n-Crispy Greaseless fryer is a cost-effective, affordable solution of adding delicious hot fried foods to your menu without all the risks, issues and mess associated with traditional fryers. This makes it particularly popular for customers whom want a commercial frying solution but cannot install canopies or ventilation, such as in listed buildings. 220V 1000W 3.5L Kitchen Oven Air Fryer Oil Free Low Fat Healthy Cooker z. Alternatively, you can contact our customer services team by calling 01279 876500 now. centers, delicatessens, snack stands, and others who wish to. In addition, the Quik n’ Crispy can also grill other frozen … 75% of our items are available next working day with a 2PM cut off. The QNC-GF11 commercial greaseless regeneration fryer is the smaller of the two units in the range. Not only ideal for frying pre-cooked or flash-fried foods such as oven chips, fish fingers and wedges, it can be used to fry all oven suitable foods, grill precooked meats and bake pizzas or snacks. For more information visit our. Our promise of low prices and commitment to the finest product quality is achieved by sourcing products from a range of specialist catering manufacturers around the globe, many of which we directly import to the UK. Quik n' Crispy GF5, Commercial, Kitchen, Air Fryer, Greaseless Quick N Crispy. 230V, GF5 Quik n’ Crispy® 200-240V, 50 Hz. jar DTC-2 $20.00, Wire Cleaning Brush For scrubbing cooking basket grid WB1 $4.80, Dough Cutter/Scraper 4.5″ high scraper for cleaning drip tray DCS1 $8.00, Rubber Gloves, Pair Sol-Vex® Nitrile 22 mils, 18″ length RG1 $16.00, 15-Minute Timer for Old Style GF II 0 – 15 minute spring wound with Hold 613060 $36.00, Magnetic Contactor (Domestic Only) 120V 60 Hz. $119.55. QNC-GF11 Quik-N-Crispy Commercial Greaseless Regeneration Fryer. with LCD Color Touch Screen, Model GF5 900009 $7,345.00, 230V, GF5 Quik n’ Crispy® 200-240V, 50 Hz. 120V, GF II Quik n’ Crispy® 120V, 60 Hz. SKU: PRE-QNC-900007-29. As standard, all deliveries are kerbside only. Motor/blade assembly 613178 $72.00, Cooking Blower International GF II 230V 50 Hz. The product has been made for some time before 1990 -- long before home hot air frying devices were available. Cooking in just minutes, oven chips, fish fingers and wedges are finished with a crispy exterior and tender, juicy centre with no sticking to baskets, baking pans or oven trays guaranteed. with LCD Color Touch Screen 600015 $3,995.00, 120V, GF II Quik n’ Crispy® 120V, 60 Hz.
with LCD Color Touch Screen, Model GF5 900007 $7,345.00, 240V, GF5 Quik n’ Crispy® 240V, 60 Hz. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. The Greaseless Fryer Express is a high demand model that is produced for Super Markets and various Chain outlets! Featuring a 2.2Kw heating element and high-powered fan, it distributes heat evenly around the fryer basket to deliver outstanding cooking times.

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