operating agreement for a band

Band equipment is considered allotted to a member when it is used by such member exclusively. There are two main reasons for this.


• Are decisions made by majority or unanimous vote? (vi) Work the merchandise table or other appearances (interviews, panels, workshops, etc.)

• Who decides what gigs to play? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Agreement By and Between: Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. What this means is that if your band breaches a contract or incurs some other liability, only the company will be liable. Throughout the last two decades I have often spoken of the importance of putting together a Band Agreement when you and your fellow band-mates are serious about doing business together professionally. Under no circumstances are Band members allowed to talk to club owners, record labels, radio stations, etc.
If a member terminates his/her membership, he or she surrenders all rights in the Band’s hard assets (e.g. What actions require only a majority vote? We hereby agree to the following: The group manager will break deadlocks. If the member is unable to accommodate the appearance, member must provide at least 30 days prior written notice to Band. • Who owns the band name and logo? Tel.

The answer to this question is easy: create a company (either a limited liability company or a corporation) registered with a state.

(iii) No excessive drinking or smoking on stage, members shall always maintain good showmanship/performance quality as determined by management and agreed upon by all members; and • Who owns the songs we write? A band agreement also helps maintain levels of commitment to the group (It will keep any band members from bailing out) . Does the band or the individual songwriters own the copyright to the band’s music? What happens when a band member leaves the band?

toAppend+=String.fromCharCode(t[i]+t[i-1]); 3. equipment, instruments, cash). It can be in a variety of formats, but the idea is to ensure that you and your bandmates' expectations are aligned. Once it is decided that the band will create a company registered with the state, the next question is “what kind of entity”? AGREED TO AND SIGNED: [Band member names, signature lines, date], […] less seriously than they perhaps should.

If lose a lot of money or need to do a lot of work, how will that be divided? Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. Exclusive venue for any claim or dispute relating to this Agreement  shall be the courts located in Multnomah County, Oregon. And while it’s easy to spot in others, […], […] for rehearsal should be outlined in some form – whether it’s in your interband agreement, posted in your rehearsal space, or shared within the group. Borghese Legal, Ltd. ___________________ shall act as the music publisher for all music recorded or performed by the Band. Will the band’s company act as a publishing company to administer and control the band’s music? Who owns the band’s name and who can use that name if the band breaks up?

INCURRING EXPENSES: Band financial spending must be approved by a group vote, with each member having an equal vote and the majority rules. • What happens to the band name if the band breaks up or a band member quits or is fired? [list band members’ legal names here] BAND MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES: All members shall have the following responsibilities. How will the band finally wind up its business when it’s time to call it quits.

The “original members” of the Group are _____[list band members here]. DISTRIBUTION OF HARD ASSETS. Alternatively, your band can use one of many “fill-in-the-blank” partnership agreements available for a fee on the web or in books, such as the agreement in Music Law: How to Run Your Band… All materials copyright protected, 5 Big Tips That Will Save Your Band’s Tour, 6 Phrases that Make You Sound Like a Diva | Last Stop Booking, Bands Shouldn’t Practice.

I’ve written about the importance if having an interband agreement several times, including in 5 Big Tips That Will Save Your Band’s Tour. Members may request that upkeep or replacement be covered by the band fund.
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