narmada river parikrama

And when we are addressing the issue of cleanliness in rivers, this is a factor to be considered which pervades through the masses. Of the entire stretch of 1312 km length of the river, some 1070 km is in Madhya Pradesh, around 170 km is in Gujarat and the rest (around 80km) would be in Maharashtra or border of two states. There could be one surrounding the main deity, other paths could be broader being concentric to the main path. The caste system is also very deep rooted and villages have clear distinctions and protocols for inter faith behaviour, including towards the parikrakramavasis. The Jains call it Mount Girnar. It has no particular start or end place. It is also said that some sadhus (Hindu holy men) perform 108 obeisances in one spot before moving to the next. In Shiva temples, the devotees start the Pradakshina as usual from the front and go clockwise till they reach the gomukhi (the outlet for abhisheka water) from the Sanctum Sanctorum. I have these memories of walking to take a turn towards the river and suddenly opening up to a vision of a huge settlement with more than 50 tarpaulin tents for people to live and tractors at work to dig out the sand! With construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat on the Narmada River, the Shulpaneshwar Temple has submerged under the reservoir, necessitating the pilgrims to take a circuitous route to continue on their journey.[28]. An escort continuously fills up the pot with milk till the parikrama is completed. Narmada Parikrama is also a cultural and traditional manifestation of devotion to Narmada. The relatively big cities of Jabalpur and Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh which are on the banks are also filled with devotion and a lot of people owe their prosperity to the river. On papers, the village doesn’t exist anymore and these three families weren’t compensated enough to start a new life. Being the longest west-flowing river, the Narmada parikrama is a formidable spiritual exercise and challenge—an incredible journey of about 2,600 km. We were walking without money or phone, as it is traditionally done. All pilgrims are considered to be an embodiment of the sacred spirit (god) and their bodies are hence, taken care of by bowing down, offering food and a place to a rest. Those who can’t do the journey on foot, opt for public transport (jeeps and buses), self-drive, or join 12- to15-day package tours offered by numerous operators, with night halts at major holy sites. It is a deeply moving experience and will take a lot of time or maybe lifetimes to truly communicate what a parikrama can mean for a person. One of the curiosities I had before the walk was if the river is clean? East Zone River Sand Mining Dialogue: How can we ensure implementation of court orders? World Faiths, teach yourself - Islam by Ruqaiyyah Maqsood. Devotees first take a holy dip in the Saryu River and then do a Parikrama of 15 km along the periphery of the city. After reaching the drainage oulet, they have to return to the front in the clockwise direction keeping the path outside the Bali stones. After Krishna protected the inhabitants of Vraj Vridavan from the wrath of Indra, he counseled them to worship Govardhana hill and they did by way of a Puja (worship) and a Parikrama (circumambulation) around the hill.Thus, a festival in commemoration of the lifting of Mount Govardhan, near Mathura, by Krishna came into vogue as 'Govardhan Puja' when Mount Govardhan is worshipped, the day after Deepawali (festival of lights) is celebrated. Typically, Parikrama is done after the completion of traditional worship (puja) and after paying homage to the deity. As long as you end at the same place you start, the purpose is served. ( Log Out /  [27], During the Narmada Parikrama, devotees have to pass through a place called Shulpaneshwar ki Jhari, a religious place in Gujarat with links dating back to the Mahabharata epic story.

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