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Egypt was very important for two main reasons, one of them being the amount of food Egypt had and its strong reliable food source. Reflection on environmental issues that I learned in this course so far Deforestation is an environmental issue that has been widely discussed and it has plagued my community and country in general. In the earliest recorded times, the northern portion was included in Mesopotamia ; it was marked off as Assyria after the rise of the Assyrian monarchy. [24] By 3500 BCE, Mesopotamia’s residents had adapted to the then semi-arid region and had learned how to produce sustainable crops. Mesopotamia gave birth to the world's first cities which were largely built of sun-dried brick. [16], Mesopotamia is a region of Southwest Asia that corresponds to modern-day Iraq, Syria, western Iran and southeast Turkey. In southern Mesopotamia, deforestation, soil erosion, and salinization of soil weakened Sumerian city-states, leading to foreign conquest. Through daily rituals, attention to the deities, proper funeral practices, and simple civic duty, the people of Mesopotamia felt they helped maintain balance in the world and kept the forces of chaos and destruction at bay. It seems that life in Mesopotamia was not that much different to that of a big city today. The religions in both Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt were polytheistic, meaning they believed in multiple gods and goddesses, and were based on nature. *They irrigated fields so it was easier to farm. [25], The heart of Mesopotamia lies between the two rivers in southern Iraq. [20], The entire culture of the region once known as Mesopotamia was swept away in the final conquest of the area by Muslim Arabs in the 7th century CE which resulted in the unification of law, language, religion and culture under Islam. Egypt has the huge Mediterranean Sea as one boundary while the other boundary was a huge desert. However, some rights are critically threatened by current environmental issues such as contaminated water sources, increasing ocean temperature, and rising sea levels. Mud is a very versatile building material: walls can be built up in lumps, a technique known in Arabic as ‘tauf’ and normally called pise in English (Roaf, 1992, p. 423) . Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. [27], The Sumerians slowly developed one of the first civilizations in the southeastern region of Mesopotamia as long as 7,500 years ago. Once it became the chief city of southern Mesopotamia, Babylon could have had a population of as much as 100,000. [24], Located in what the ancient Greeks called Mesopotamia, which literally means "the land between the rivers," Sumer was a collection of city-states that occupied the southernmost portion of Mesopotamia. This system brought water to the village crops, so they could stay hydrated and healthy. [23], The plain of Mesopotamia was created in comparatively recent times (from an geological point of view) by the mud brought down by the rivers. (24) In Egypt, the Nile River creates a fertile valley which is rich in nutrients and essential to their survival. The soldiers had to build aqueducts themselves. The Mesopotamians adapted to their environment by inventing the wheel so they could transport goods and people faster over their vast territoy. The Environment Weapon: Water in Ancient Mesopotamia, Long-Term Environmental and Social Change in Mesopotamia | The Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent -, West Asian environment - Mesopotamia and Iran - Study Guides, Mesopotamia's resources | Rise of Civilization, Seismic Environments of Prehistoric Settlements in Northern Mesopotamia: A Review of Current Knowledge on JSTOR, UN ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME RELEASES REPORT ON DEMISE OF MESOPOTAMIAN MARSHLANDS | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases, Consequences of Agriculture in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and the Levant - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science, What were some Mesopotamian human environment interaction? As a result of the large and concentrated population which grew up in Mesopotamia, farming was carried out by peasants rather than by slaves (mass slavery tends to be a response to a shortage of labour). As a result of this, Mesopotamia should be more properly understood as a region that produced multiple empires and civilizations rather than any single civilization. This marks the decline of the Sumerians as the Amorites, a nomadic people, start moving into Mesopotamia. Priests had enormous power in Mesopotamia and much of a Mesopotamian's life was devoted to honoring their gods. • Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Originally a tool maker was a person you knew personally. Therefore, while we consider the environment, it is essential to develop strategies to make our cities environmentally sustainable. Environmental factors Shortly after the advent of domestication, agricultural economies quickly replaced hunting and gathering across Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Anatolia. Very little rain falls in Mesopotamia, but water and nutrients from the river soak into the land, creating an environment filled with plants and the animals that feed on the vegetation. With such a long life span, Nippur has been a treasure for archaeologists since the end of the 19th century. Much of what we know about the history of Mesopotamia comes from clay tablets found in Assyrian cities. [10], The religious views of Egypt and Mesopotamia were rather different. We no longer know these people individually, but we are still connected to them, and we know this, and conceive of them as part of our group.

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