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This 34-acre site is approximately 15 km southwest of Rocky Mountain House and offers good sport fishing opportunities. A HotSpot Marker was added for Ironside PondView on Map. North side of pond real shallow. endstream endobj 3423 0 obj <>stream

16 TO OCT. 31 Bait ban 0 trout Jackfish Lake 6-41-11-W5; Includes tributaries and outlet for 1 km downstream OPEN MAY 15 TO MAR. The lake is aerated in the winter season. Kg�`Y�8:2�H4Ak}0��ER�D�� � �]� -E�NEiRp+D���X@�>E�ޡ#8Ț�`[�2���+ ��Ѹ�-햲�1��I�K�����i$r��԰Z��;4�#�`�������$J�����;�w���O�V�S/8:�,� �1Vk���lr�jM=�m{��z���[t�*�{�X!�����_A�O|��w}.D��B[��%δyl��k�d�s�$\:ڐ�[���m�]��1�^�D�;/��d(�B��4���R?i�gxJ|��"7a���`a��FQӘ�D�i�&J��Q�Pـr@`��B��r*����� B�e

Beaver Management Program on Stauffer Creek (North Raven), Fencing along Stauffer Creek and the Raven River, In stream structure on Clear Creek and fencing, Donation to help purchase Porter Property on Raven River, Purchase of library books for Red Deer Public Library and Red Deer College with respect to clean water and aquatic life, Purchase and donation of books to all schools in Red Deer relating to fish, clean water, Infrastructure work at Ironside Pond, Beaver Lake: including signage approaches to lake, boat launches, Multiple projects on the North Ram River from signage to bug counts, Bug counts on several streams in Central Alberta, Donation and volunteering for Red Deer River Annual clean up, Naming and donation of plaque on Mitchell Pond (Heritage Ranch Pond), April 25, 2013 is our next Dinner/Auction. Kevin Sproule | all galleries >> 2006 >> April 29, 2006 --- Ironside Pond, Alberta > Ironside Pond previous | next: 29-APR-2006: Ironside Pond.

We hope you will consider purchasing a ticket and join us. The map shows the fastest and shortest way to travel by car, bus or bike. From Rocky Mountain House, follow the David Thompson Hwy S for 8.3km, Turn right onto Hwy 22/Cowboy Trail S/AB-22 (signs for Caroline) and continue for 9.8km, In 6.6km, continue onto Township Rd 375A and follow for 3.5km, In 800m, take the 1st right onto Township Rd 380, The pond access will be on the west side of the road. Total length frequency distribution of angler harvested rainbow trout at ... angling trips at Ironside Pond. hޜTYO1�+~l�"ߗ��H4j������a�͡d����&d������7�=�Or� #�F���(b�GEθA��M2•T���n�Y�ho���3��h/[|ˋ�}E,7���Ў����dE=�Ϫnw�/t����X���i6-����e��_kKQ�H�]ʂ��l�ӓ���볃�%��Z���=��/�Y�L�"�TYY��&eNV���8GG�E��X�XT�%�i.��? On the day we visited, it was late afternoon. Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Lottery Fund, Clearwater County, Keyera Energy, Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers, Trout Unlimited Canada Edmonton. Ironside Pond 7-38-7-W5 OPEN APR. Pond Shock 3 . Site Description: This lake is south of Cow Lake. >���c����� J�Q� qD�G��)�1�-�J��_�Bd�!������2�"���r%q��KJ�0q��Ƶۇ淿���,�|v4Hd�R�v�o�,�T�v%ŋi���؈������J��\�^��ar~��Ȇc|&����+�V�\t���"��p]�u��( Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Shown are camera location, camera field of view, and local roads ironside pond (7-38-7-w5) job lake (20-39-20-w5) landslide lake (7-36-18-w5) lost guide lake (9-34-14-w5) mitchell lake (25-37-8-w5) ... jarvis creek pond (29-52-26-w5) kinky lake (6-50-26-w5) rntr rntr rntr rntr rntr rntr rntr cttr rntr cttr rntr rntr rntr cttr rntr cttr cttr cttr rntr … ..... 13. Diamond in the rough! All Rights reserved | Created by The App Door Powered by Quickspace | View Legal Information, Lac La Biche Trout Pond (Alexander Hamilton Pond), Mitchell Pond (formerly Waskasoo Park Pond), Stafford Reservoir (aka Chin Lakes Reservoir). Try other terms like "trout" and "grouse". A maintained parking area and a … Ironside Contracting Services Inc., Three Hills, Alberta.

I purchased Pond Shock from Riverdale Supply after a very informative conversation with Lynn. Alberta Conservation Association; Advertise; Disclaimer; Find Conservation Sites; Guide App; Get Your Guide; Partners; Contacts; FAQ; Looking for something in particular? Average size 4lb rainbows, biggest was 6lbs. I have listed the projects below that we have worked on in the past and several are still in full swing! Photos. endstream endobj 3424 0 obj <>stream Under water video of koi is with a gopro. Wednesday, June 12, 2019. release air injection used to prevent winterkill in Alberta. Route from Larkspur, AB to Ironside, QC. :�kw�U������D����%x]#�G�A��BQ�iׄ2ک��'��ß It's as simple as selecting a lake, and adding your feedback for everyone to see! I have had Koi for over 20years and the spring set-up can always be a daunting task. Construction of Rocky Children’s Fish Pond Bank Stabilization Stauffer Creek Beaver Control Stauffer and Clear Creeks Elk Creek Riparian Study; Central Alberta Lake Study; Ironside Pond Aeration Project; Rods. mclean pond (20-22-5-w5) mclean pond (20-22-5-w5) mount lorette ponds (19-23-8-w5) mount lorette ponds (19-23-8-w5) mount lorette ponds (19-23-8-w5) payne lake (mami lake) (10-2-28-w4) payne lake (mami lake) (10-2-28-w4) payne lake (mami lake) (10-2-28-w4) sibbald lake (14-24-7-w5) sibbald meadows pond (20-24-7-w5) sibbald meadows pond (20-24-7-w5) Pond Shock 2 .

We need everybody's support. Ironside pond is located just outside of Rocky Mountain House near some other better-known spots such as Mitchell and Cow Lake. From Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Ironside Pond is 31.6km (~32 minutes), Undersubscribed Special Fish Harvest Licences, Aquatic Invasive Species and Whirling Disease, Alberta Game Policy Advisory Committee (AGPAC), Licence/Permits - Hunters with Disabilities, Pontoon and Belly Boats are the best to fish the lake with. © 2020 The App Door.

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