how to make simple electricity

Nuclear energy was once touted as the cure for our thirst for energy. Challenges with this proposition include find a suitable location with enough water movement, constructing a machine that can survive the ocean, and preventing environmental damage. First, an innovative design, called the Mamikon Spinner, may be prove to be superior to the convention propeller models. Question: We have long highways all across the country. The best geothermic sites have a magma chamber neither too shallow nor too deep from the surface. In most places, it is not realistic to get more than 10% of your electric power from wind turbines. Depending on wind speeds in a particular area, a homeowner may install two or three systems to generate 100 percent of the required power. I felt that solar energy deserved its own hub, which I will write sometime in the future. By making solar roof panels attractive, Certainteed hopes more people will adopt the solar power for their homes. John Coviello from New Jersey on September 26, 2011: There are limitless way to generate electricity from renewable sources. The natural gas does not burn, so there is a dramatic reduction in pollutants and greenhouse gases. Unlike the water wheels of the past, modern hydroelectric power plants start with water stored in a reservoir behind a dam. This causes a severe reduction of nutrients in the water as well as excessive downstream river erosion. The freewatt plus system combines an Energy Star-rated high-efficiency natural gas or propane furnace or a boiler with a Honda generator to generate heat, producing electric power as a byproduct. Future research will determine which is the more efficient design. The PV laminates lie flush with the roof providing a streamlined, visually appealing appearance. Question: Can we use liquid hydrogen to generate power? Then an electrochemical converts the hydrogen to electricity. This adds diversity to the grid while also minimizing the impact to the environment. Apparently, most people don't know this. Spinning propellers also pose a signicant problem to our bird populations. Ideally, a good geothermal site would also need to have natural channels or inlets, to constantly supply the hot magma with water. In addition, most materials needed to create solar panels are readily available. There must be enough depth and space behind the dam to create a man-made lake, without destroying cities and natural life. This power generation facility essentially acts like a wind power plant except that it is constructed underwater. Honeywell Wind Turbine: The Honeywell turbine, marketed by WindTronics, gets rid of the inefficient gearbox found in traditional horizontal turbines, the kind found in utility-size wind farms. For now, most batteries are made with lithium, a rare material, however, new battery technology will one day help to make solar power the ultimate energy source. In the vast oceans of earth, there are currents that constantly travel the globe. In general, these structures have a relatively short lifespan and are prone to catastrophic failures. If you are interested see my many other hubs on this subject. This is a challenging problem to fix. Continue to site. However, if you are thinking of constructing "star panels" to harness the energy of the glowing night sky, you will probably be disappointed. Is that a good thing, or is it a bad thing? The tax rebate picture is changing at the end of 2010, so make sure you have the latest information to help make a decision. pdf "As we look to the future, presently known resources. Another device that is being tested collects the rainwater in a tank and then releases it over turbines to generate electricity much like a waterfall or a water wheel. Chris is an engineer, thinker, and philosopher who enjoys exploring futuristic ideas and technology. Christopher Wanamaker (author) from Arizona on July 22, 2018: Biswabijet - I can't recall my original reason for not including solar energy in this article so I went ahead and just added a section on the topic. Wind has its issues as mentioned, but I also know that there are wind plants that are not so noisy and also have addressed the problem with birds, so I think there are things happening here that will give us better plants, but as mentioned earlier, it has to be combined with other sources. Despite these challenges, wind power is one of the most promising sources of alternative energy that scientists are considering today. Current research suggests that the range must be at least 25 feet or more for sufficient power to be generated. You can sign into this site using your login credentials from any of these Networld Media Group sites: The email address you entered is already registered. That's the good news. The ClearEdge5 converts natural gas into locally generated electricity and heat, while significantly reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and energy costs. Now with the recent disasters in Japan, the future of nuclear power is uncertain.

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