how to make generator with magnet

Since you made the initial cut for starting the “wheel” cut, you can just use that as your point to divide the sheet. Hi Geoff. Cheers to you all, save money, work hard, learn, grow, innovate, contribute, and give your all. To his surprise the unit worked and after seeing it run for as long as it did he paid me $500 for it so he could use it in his science class. But why would you use the earth’s magnetic field for your “Magical Magnetic Motor” when a simple refrigerator magnet is 200 to 400 times more powerful than the earth’s measurable magnetic field? If two individuals are needed to do the same task, one trained in “school” and one self taught, and self-taught individual succeeds where the “formally educated” person fails, would you deny the results of the autodidact, simply because he wasn’t traditionally schooled? When I add the diode and second battery it doesn’t work. The energy DOES come from a source, but that source is ignored in their calculations. whose child? The issue is really is there a perpetual motion machine. – the inventor will be exposed for his fraud, or Infinite energy. E=m+{a}c2 That simple equation adds the weak force asymmetry value to g’s single inertial frame measurement of the force of gravity as well as electromagnetism for measurements made in the strong force. I have read all the post of this page…my conclusions….i want to believe in a magnetic power generator…but there is no practical do-it-yourself guide anywhere (links above will not work or not give understadable info on how to build it)…so, my recomendation…forget about it and move on…and dont fall into scams like Mangniworks or Magnet4all…im not an oil/gov agent, but seems magnetic generator only exist in youtube videos….those who have the plans..u r welcome to prove me wrong…. No money, no patents. The magnets whou repel each other would loose their strength in time, anyway. Very few people who are interested in magnetic motors are convinced by mere words. The magnets have to be made and energized thus in a sense it is a power cell and that power cell will run down thus having to make and buy more. kimseymd1 There you go, playing with semantics again to avoid the real subject. Albany NY 12208 USA The charge of a re-vitalize instead of a new battery. If it were possible to use magnets to make a spinning apparatus then it would require natural magnets. Where is that energy the produces the force? Rob. The guy with the screws on the pvc pipe is using something that it called “the golden ratio” eviddently. The price for the generator alone (without the turbine) I would have to work out as they come in a package. if there is any truth to energy in the Ether and whether there is any truth as to George Westinghouse upon being presented by Tesla his ideas to approach all high areas of learning in the world, and change how electricity is taught i don’t know(because if real, free energy to the world would break the bank if individuals had the ability to obtain energy on demand). But extreme mishandling will shorten their life – normal use won’t. The initial motion is done by the operator’s hand. I pulled one apart about a month ago. Once you get a rotor spinning fast enough you can draw bursts of high energy (i.e. I did forget to ask one thing on the motor. All the free energy schemes that looked like they really work when I have built them and taken them out on the ranch where i can find a spot 5 miles from a power line other any other electricity and put them in a Faraday cage they stopped running. that needs no external power to operate, using only permanent magnets. Hi Rob It’s the very act of extracting the motion, the force, and converting it to energy, that makes it not perpetually in motion. It took 10 weeks to get from searching for  perpetual motors or generators  to permanent magnet motors which is  closer to reality. As for perpetual motion, if you can show me a heavenly body that is absolutely stationary then you win. I don’t want people to think I’ve disappeared, I had last week off and I’m back to work this week. Is the earth a pupetual motion machine if not when will it wear out before or after the Sun. Shielding is necessary to create (in effect,) single pole magnets, attenuating the wrap-around flux effect that engulfs everything establishing a static state. There is an undocumented account from the 1900’s claiming Tesla did demonstrate a “free energy” motor on a Pierce-Arrow. I can’t believe you would take the time to post such tripe. wp=S+{a}/T. If anyone wants to have a look let me know and i will post it up on u tube today. Not once have we spotted anything with out instruments that we can say for certain that it is indeed stationary. Now the large gear G0 is connected directly to Rotating disk with a rod. Let us know, I work at one of the very few magnet producing machine shops in the country, and have unlimited access to both the machining tools and the materials to make this design..I would be willing to give it a shot if i could get a better resolution picture of the blueprints. It has become cult like, where belief has overcome reason. Most of these are made by the user, and this can be made to the specific needs, so the quality and output of these generators are entirely dependent on the maker. Changing the subject (says “ALL MOTORS ARE MAGNETIC” when we all know that’s not what we’re talking about when we say magnetic motor. You can run a lot of motors n 12 volts. Read two books! ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM concepts and principles by Bearden and   FREE ENRGY GENERATION circuits and schematics by Bedini-Bearden. Im loving this web site. Many citizen in here till now have not electric in them homw/village therefore if this magnet motor can works for home electric small to medium KVA then it will solved the problem. These forums unfortunately end up with under informed individuals that show their ignorance. To eliminate friction i managed to mount my cd on a spindle on top of a sub woofer magnet. I am really interested in the whole magnet motor idea. It reminds me of young children squabbling about nonsense. I have an eclectic design in mind and just got the parts yesterday. Learn how your comment data is processed. You believers never seem to deliver anything.

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