gerund and infinitive multiple choice test pdf

You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz. Levels of exercise: Elementary Intermediate Advanced Gerund and Infinitive Exercises: 1137 Gerunds after Prepositions – Exercise 1 Advanced .

( to see ) 3 I long to be in Scotland again. 0000000616 00000 n Gerund or Infinitive Exercise 2 answers 1 We arranged to meet under the station clock at half nine.

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Passive Forms of Gerunds and Infinitives Exercises PDF. The Big Pub Quiz Toolbox for Apple devices. When someone loves trivia and information this much, you just know his questions are going to be entertaining!

Now I check back and see that I can download the updated pack with 1700 of the critters! Types of exercise: Multiple Choice , Fill in the word , Select from Drop Down . 0000005585 00000 n B: I don't mind. a) including b) being included c) to include d) to be included 2. c. We can take her. Thanks for your great service, highly recommended, I will be back, let me know when you have another pack for sale! Document N°11. Gerund Infinitive Test PDF.

This is a free intermediate English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. 0000001894 00000 n

Gerund and infinitive worksheets are in pdf format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. 1.

Document N°9.

Every single question in these packs has been tried-and-tested on a pub quiz audience. GI005 - Gerund with preposition Intermediate . 42 0 obj<>stream

Gerunds and Infinitives Exercises .

1. A: Sally is hoping to be driven to the party. B: _____ a.

0000002955 00000 n Document N°4. b. Grammar resources for esl. Our customer base includes many happy buyers from North America, the UK and Mainland Europe, Australia, India, Thailand and basically anywhere in the world where a quiz can be presented in English.

Document N°13. MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the correct response to complete each conversation.

She can drive us.

0000001064 00000 n All our questions have been sorted into convenient sections so that you can find them easily. 0000003459 00000 n

The owner of the building supply store doesn't mind _____ his customers discounts when they buy large quantities.

If you do not have Microsoft Word™, you can either download the viewer free from Microsoft, download the excellent free™ software, use Apple Pages™ or simply download a different format of the Quiz!

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