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In the meantime, those who have been harmed may not be able to recover full damages for the injuries that they have suffered. Next up is the judge’s ruling on oral arguments in the case. Another is 3M, headquartered in Minneapolis. Englewood, NJ 07631 Pinpointing liability for ailments that may be linked to toxic products is never easy. Spin-offs are a sophisticated way of pawning off the risks on the company’s own shareholders who received shares in the newly created companies. But DuPont’s shift of its PFAS liabilities to Chemours has drawn its own raft of litigation. DuPont has paid at least $400 million in settlements related to the chemicals so far…”, Join the mailing list to receive updates in PFAS science, regulation, and activism, How The North Carolina GOP Has Undermined Cleanup Of ‘Forever Chemicals’, PFAS in food: EFSA assesses risks and sets tolerable intake, Study: Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Likely Discharged Near Schools in 18 States, Australian PFAS Chemicals Map (not affiliated with SSEHRI), Consumer Reports: What’s Really in Your Bottled Water? DuPont knew and intentionally hid the scope of the liabilities when it dumped them into Chemours, the company alleged. Attorney Web Design by Connective Web Design. With internal documents evidencing this, it could hardly deny this fact. Prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter. Once the extent of the cleanup efforts is known, the federal government may come after these entities to pay for their share of the costs. For decades, DuPont manufactured PFAS-type chemicals in a plant close to Robin Andrews' home near the Delaware River. On Wednesday, the EPA disclosed it ‘has multiple criminal investigations underway concerning PFAS-related pollution.’ The agency did not identify the entities being investigated and it could not be determined if DuPont is one of them. Large manufacturers often disavow responsibility for health problems allegedly tied to their products, forcing consumers to bring lawsuits. They could declare bankruptcy as a way of getting out of the full cost of remediation. Pinpointing liability for ailments that may be linked to toxic products is never easy. PFAS is actually a family of chemicals that contaminates much of the groundwater in this country. It is a chemical that is used in the production of certain materials such as Teflon and Scotchgard. General Electric was responsible for the contamination of the Hudson River with PCB over a course of decades. These companies that have assumed the cleanup responsibility do not have the necessary funding to underwrite what may be a gigantic bill. Observers have noticed a disturbing pattern in DuPont’s corporate transactions. The final decision on choosing the correct printing method and associated DuPont™ Tyvek ® For Graphics products is the responsibility of the graphics professional and end-user who should review the DuPont™ Tyvek ® For Graphics technical data and verify it is appropriate for the intended use. 1-800-810-3457Text Us, Sadaka Associates May 22, 2020 Hazardous Chemicals Leave a Comment. As a result, elastomers are used in a myriad of products, from hoses and cables to adhesives and clothing. ‘Spinning off your legacy liabilities into a separate corporation and to some other responsible party appears to be part of the standard playbook in these industries.’. DuPont has undertaken a series of spin-offs that give the appearance that it is trying to rid its own books of this possible crushing liability. In February, the EPA put out a proposal to regulate two of the most common PFAS chemicals found in drinking water and is asking for comment on how to monitor them. The EPA has known about the contamination for two decades and has either ignored it or declared that it did not exist. Jeff Tittel, senior chapter director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, has watched DuPont’s moves with concern. Chemours, with primary responsibility for the estimated tens of billions of dollars in PFAS obligations, does not have anywhere near the money or assets to cover them. While it is many years into the future, the company may be on the hook for billions of dollars of costs. PFAS chemicals permeate dozens of local areas so the costs may be considerable.

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