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After Wally becomes Kid Flash, and after he knows his uncle Daniel is actually his father (Flash #9). Could be some time after the Lazarus Contract, but not too much. Simon says they still have to deal with Bleez and the Red Lanterns, so that storyline of the Green Lanterns must fit around this one somehow. The unofficial DC Comics Subreddit I agree, you should definitely contact them and let them know. Before The Return of Roy Harper and probably after the Reborn story considering Superman’s costume in the flashback. A few weeks after League of Shadows. I suspect when Jessica and Simon return to the present, we will find ourselves in a post-Fracture universe. Follows Night of the Monster Men, but doesn’t specify a time gap. I felt rather silly at the comic shop. Part 1 possibly suggests Path of Doom occurs after Red Robin is dead, but this is far from clear and would cause huge problems. Days after Crown of Atlantis. This should be the sticky to point to for those 5 times a week post on what, how and when to start reading Rebirth. Arguably it would be better read before or after The Lies (it was published concurrently), but the story takes place here. It is setting up two years of storylines, so a great deal is teased without much explanation. Lana Lang doesn’t appear to know she has superpowers yet. DC continuity is a complex beast, but I believe the issue does a good enough job of explaining the significance of what it references in order for the reader to understand without having read, or perhaps not really remembering, these events. i am a new comic reader basically i haven´t read anything behalve the complete flash of the new 52, do you recommend to start reading comics as this list orders? You're probably right about the placement though, it's just being released way late.

Flash is still training Kid Flash so we’re probably before the Titans series still. Good work! Supergirl meets post-Reborn Superman. Batman starts to warm up to Superman. Issue one implies this is after Quinn leaves the Suicide Squad, which hasn’t happened yet. Killer Frost joins the Suicide Squad. This is probably before I Am Bane due to Damian and Dick’s seeming like they haven’t seen each other for a while. Is DC rebirth a good place to start?

References the Son of Superman storyline and the events in Lois and Clark has having happened ‘this year’. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Includes the HQ characters at Coney Island so within this continuity. Probably after Superman properly accepted by the world but would fit better closer to the events in the Rebirth issue.

DC have collected several storylines under a Road to Rebirth banner, which will form the basis of much of what is included here. It’s possible that all they know is that they snuck off, but not the extent of their adventure. Must be after Batman 24 as Catwoman is engaged.
Avery from the first Flash arc returns. Aquaman has a beard now. [Nope!] Over 3 months since a storyline set before Rebirth. 62 days ago Nightwing mentions he prevented a blonde British female assassin with Kukris from assassinating the Commissioner’s son. Has to be after Burning Down the House as Waller is in charge of the SS. Is DC Rebirth good? Before Revenge.
“A few weeks” after Flash #20, which means that it was not immediately before The Button. Superboy mentions his and Damian’s fight with Amazo but it’s unclear how this fits around Battle for the Batcave as it suggests their dads do not know. Bruce calls Nightwing but he’s unavailable, Alfred says he spoke to him a few days ago and he was in high spirits (does this occur in another series?) The first continuity issue we have is due to Jon Kent’s age. Another story without any clear placement. Set at Thanksgiving. We will have to consider this later, once more of Rebirth is revealed. The stories this one segues are not out of continuity, however. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s 1986-7 classic, Watchmen, is vital reading before Rebirth.

Donna learns her true origins. Three months after the main storyline of Damian Knows Best. It’s not clear, but probably after his appearance in Rise of Aqualad.

There could be a jump here, so we’re back in time with the main story. The Truth follows Angel Down by three days. We’ve moved this to act as prelude to Crown of Atlantis, allowing Aquaman appearances in between. Mimics the Dakota pipeline protests but fictional. The titles that do not have their own Rebirth title are ones where the characters are repeated. Lex has started wearing a Superman cape again after Men of Steel but this is due to the Superman timeline fixes in Reborn where his Superman now never died. : Part 1-3, Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1: Big Tent, Bigger Dreams, Detective Comics #943-947: The Victim Syndicate: Part 1-5. I'm working on my own reading order and want to see how others have felt with the whole superwoman problem(where it is so difficult to place on the timeline). https://vertigology.net/2016/07/03/the-complete-dc-rebirth-reading-order We don’t yet have much tying Made in China to the main storyline, except the world knows Superman is dead. I will try to keep the pre-Rebirth issues to a minimum (there are some series which I think are essential reading before tackling Rebirth) before going into the Rebirth issues themselves. It is difficult to place during the SS series as Quinn appears to be incarcerated throughout that. Another story clearly set early on that falls victim to the confusing order of events surrounding Superman’s revealing himself to the world and the Justice League. This appears to take place in the spring, so we’ll place it early on. That's about it. 'tec arc "Batwoman Begins" should be placed after JL vs. SS, around where Nightwing arc "Bludhaven" is. The story could take place over a week or more, though. Diana doesn’t seem too cut up about the death of New 52 Superman, so some time has clearly passed. Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #3: Green Arrow: Did You Ever Wonder How Green Arrow Came To Be. She cannot appear in any series in between.

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