creative employee benefits ideas

We’ve got a comprehensive list of creative employee benefits ideas beyond the traditional options (think medical, dental, life, etc.) 43.) Some companies also bring in masseuses or provide a bonus for employees to pamper themselves. Make a one-time investment in a bike pump, Allen wrench set, and screwdrivers to keep on hand for employees who commute by bike. Plus, by popular request, look for peppered throughout this list for free or low-cost ideas! 1. Vacation/travel stipend or allowance, 44.) Support local businesses and treat your employees to a working day outside the office. Unsurprisingly, offices have healthy food options for the staff. In fact, this list has been so popular that we've updated and expanded it multiple times—and we’re happy to say that this time around, we’ve rehauled the entire list and its categories! $(function () { }); Premium reduction for wellness participation. Looking to really spoil your staff? What about your HSA? After you've worked for the company for four years, you get a fourth week of vacation every year; after five years of employment, employees are eligible for Friday vacation days in the summer. Do you need help developing and implementing a competitive benefits package? Traditional benefits can be hard for employees to get excited about. Gifts Professional Development ExperiencesServices, Of course, the first idea on our list is to utilize what you likely already have in your arsenal—your company’s own branded swag! . At REI, employees can earn a four-week paid sabbatical after 15 years of service and every five years after that. Whether you offer these generous benefits company-wide or to a select group of employees, here are a few ways you can really pamper your team. Companies are taking note and offering benefits ranging from laundry services to cleaning crews to hiring an employee whose role is to run errands for people in the office. Financial tools that help with unexpected expenses. 80.) The leave can also be used to care for a spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling or parent with a serious health condition. PlanSource proudly partners with more than 25 benefits carriers and HCM providers to help deliver and administer highly-customizable benefits packages. 401(k) or other retirement savings account optimization (, Do you want to prioritize employee retention and promoting from within? Tuition repayment assistance (, 50.) And, recruitment isn’t the only reason to offer attractive benefits packages. Find out what kinds of books and other educational resources might be valuable to your team—and don’t forget about leadership, communications management, and interpersonal help books! Creative employee perks and benefits – from work out classes to flexible work schedules, to stipend towards travel – are the best way to recognize and incentivize your current employees and attract new employees. Delegating a task you’re dreading to someone else is such a relief. Katharine Paljug is a freelance content creator and editor who writes for and about small businesses. Enriching your employees’ personal life and hobbies can only lead to better work in the office. Eligible employees, both moms and dads, can get up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave to bond with new babies after birth or adoption. "event": "GAevent", Here are 25 creative benefit ideas to inspire you and keep your people happy and productive. The company also offers "healthier home meal" ingredient stations in its cafeterias where employees can prep a meal to cook at home instead of visiting a drive-through after work. When compared to other countries, the United States doesn’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to offering benefits that support family life. Do you need help developing and implementing a competitive benefits package? We’ll cover it from top to bottom without going over your head. Many movies have focused on a protagonist who starts as a lower-level employee at a company and dreams of one day becoming CEO. Host yoga classes, massage sessions, etc. Reward employees by allowing them to call dibs on coveted things, whether it’s the most comfortable desk chair, their favorite mug, their schedule of choice, on not cleaning up a spill… you can call dibs on anything, really.

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