columnar fruit trees uk

Using the optimum 18” planting distance it is quite possible to easily let the trees meet and slightly grow together forming a fruitful and easily maintained hedge or barrier which can be kept to 7’ in height or so.

Easy to grow and ideal as a garden variety.

The original and most famous of all the columnar type fruit trees, these are the ones that started it all. Regardless of the term used, cordon training is more suitable for apples and pears - plums and cherries are not usually grown in this style because they do not suit the ongoing pruning necessary to maintain the form. Named for its wonderful complexity of flavours, it has been described as sweet, rich and honeyed, aromatic, fragrant and fresh.

Crops heavily and reliably from an early age.Season: Oct - Jan. Self-fertile.

With their simple elegant habit they are attractive, especially when seen in blossom or bedecked with fruit.

This new variety is extremely heavy cropping and ripens very late in the season. Pillar Apple, Malus tschonoskii, Small to Medium Sized Tree, Rarely Offered, Great for UK Climate, 10-15cm Plant in an 8cm Pot £8.90£8.90 £5.90 delivery Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Season: Oct -Jan.

Ballerinas therefore have quite a striking ornamental effect in the garden. An excellent early dessert plum, similar to Victoria but with better flavour.

Pollination An excellent garden variety, it is heavy cropping, has good disease resistance and the blossom is resistant to frost. Requires a pollinator (such as Herefordshire Russet).

Season: Sept - Nov. The fruits are large and sweet with an excellent flavour.

Also delicious baked. Whether your preference is for modern day disease resistant varieties, or older traditional and heirloom varieties, they are all well catered for.

The width is just 18”.

(As a general principle with fruit trees, horizontal growth is fruitful, vertical growth is vegetative).

They will grow to 10’ or more.

Wonderful to see in blossom and perfect for the small garden or large intensive orchard.

Sometimes you will get fruits the first summer even, with trees settling to regular cropping from year two. Some trees have short fruiting spurs that have been pruned back, other trees will have none at all and are straight columns with quality fruit buds. If you really want to try, then a disease-resistant plum grafted on VVA1 rootstock is probably the best option.

Heavy cropping. The berries are large and firm and if left to ripen on the bush fully have a rich flavour and lovely aroma.

Very attractive blossom. ripen to perfection and with the benefit of more sunshine the fruits have an excellent flavour. In the first New Year flush the stems are shortish but thick and plentiful. This involves digging it over to a fine tilth and removing all weeds which might otherwise compete with the new trees as they grow during the first season. Resistant to scab. Autumn 2020 Order now for delivery from w/c 23rd November (pot grown) or December (for bare-root). Can be relied upon to crop both heavily and regularly almost anywhere in the UK.

A natural seedling of rare and special qualities, most likely arising from a discarded apple core ... perhaps from the very fine Cox’s Orange Pippin itself, with which we dare to compare this very special new introduction. Suitable for the north. on your order. The UK’s best known plum, raised in 1840 and grown commercially.

Excellent flavour. A fast growing, prickly hedge bearing large fragrant magenta flowers in the summer and huge orange-red rose hips in the autumn. Season: Sept - Oct. Self-fertile. Raised from a cross between Doyenné du Comice and Conference, it has inherited the best attributes from both its parents. Raised in 1912, this is one of the best early cooking apples and a popular garden variety. Unlike Ballerinas, these trees require regular summer pruning to maintain their shape. That is all that has to be done.

Mycorrhizal fungi will colonise the plant and develop into a huge secondary root system that will increase the root area of your plants by up to 700 times in just a few weeks.

Apply water to the base of the tree with a hose. At the time of planting the form varies with the variety chosen. However by todays standards they have flaws and have largely been superseded. The Modern Intensive Growing System for Apples, Pears, Plums and Gages - column apple trees.

Ultimate height (untrimmed): 2.1m (7ft). This dark red dessert cherry is an excellent choice for the north and more exposed areas, cropping well even in poor summers. Plums and cherries can be grown this way too but the risk of disease entry from pruning cuts makes them less suitable.

as a hedge or in tubs on a patio.

Plant the trees within 100 feet (30 m.) of one another so bees and other pollinators will visit both trees.. Columnar fruit trees grow well in the ground; allow at least 2 feet (61 cm.

Minarettes® and Supercolumns are regular apple or pear varieties that have been closely-pruned in the nursery to achieve a columnar effect. The key feature of Ballerina® apple trees is that they are not a trained form (like cordons or minarettes) but are a group of naturally columnar apple varieties. It has been selected year on year and replanted by the Thompsons, who grow rhubarb commercially for sale into the London wholesale markets.

The fruits are pinkish red with sweet, yellow, juicy flesh. Crisp and juicy with a refreshing fruity flavour. Very resistant to disease. A very popular late dessert/culinary plum producing medium-large purple fruits with a very good sweet flavour. Supercolumns are very easy to manage and picking is easy, the fruits

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