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About 7% of the country's area is under water and flooding occurs regularly. To get the Climate Change paragraph, continue reading till the end. Global warming is the main culprit for climate change. To the southeast, along the Burmese and Indian borders, the land is hilly and wooded. With the industrial revolution, millions of factories are set up and they are emitting chemicals that are very harmful to nature. All Rights Reserved. OK. Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and humidity. climate change Paragraph: Climate change is the most serious issue at the moment over the world. If they don’t take proper steps to prevent this, it will take a short time to damage the atmosphere of this planet. Climate Change Paragraph Writing for HSC / SSC / JSC, Grocery Shopping Assignment | Paragraph On Grocery Shopping, Nakshi Kantha Paragraph for all Class Students, Write A Paragraph On Your First Day At School. January is the coolest month with temperatures averaging near 26 deg C (78 d F) and April the warmest with temperatures from 33 to 36 deg C (91 to 96 deg F). This funding is available for developing nations to build their capacity to reduce emissions and responds to impacts of climate change. April is the warmest month in most parts of the country. The landscape is mainly flat. As Bangladesh is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the southern part of the country, Bangladesh is also at risk of being affected by climate change. But a more holistic short-term plan is also necessary. The effects of sea level rise and land accretion in Bangladesh are highly regional and variegated. Temperatures are highest from mid-March to May. The global climate change has many bad impacts. Rainfall averages over 2,540mm (100 inches). There are an estimated one thousand people in each square kilometer, with the national population increasing by two million people each year. With higher population and rapid industrialization, Bangladesh should be on its way to developing a low-carbon path given it initially receives significant financial and technical support from the international community and national goals of economic growth and social development is not hampered. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes weekly travel news, features and quizzes. The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. Thanks for visiting this website. I have got you some important questions of passage narration from different B... Dear students, today I've shared a paragraph on etiquette and manners for hsc . The country is prone to widespread flooding and is also a high-risk earthquake zone. Our government should take proper steps to save the greenery and tree plantation can play a vital role to fight climate change. Stop using harmful chemicals can reduce environmental pollution which is the main man-made reason for climate change. It has been found in researches that if the average temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius, sea level will rise by 1 meter. The climate of Bangladesh is subtropical in the center-north and tropical in the south, with a pleasantly warm and sunny winter from November to February, a short hot spring between March and May, and a long rainy season from June to October due to the summer monsoon. Nice. It will cause thousands of people living in coastal areas to leave their accommodation. The country, which has no control of water flows and volume, drains to the Bay of Bengal. A sweater and warmer clothing is advised for cooler evenings. The cause of climate change can be divided into two categories those are due to natural causes and those are created by men. Already, 11 ministries and governmental agencies are involved in this integrated endeavor. Required clothing: Lightweight cottons and linens throughout the year. About 80 percent of Bangladesh's rain falls during the monsoon season. These floods not only lead to the erosion of arable land, but also have a negative impact on other income opportunities and often disrupt the livelihood patterns of whole families. Global warming is the main natural reason and using harmful chemicals in everyday life is the main reason created by man.The climate is changing rapidly that effect in the rise of the earth’s average temperature. In 2006, the Ministry of Agriculture provided a 30 percent subsidy to diesel to power irrigation for farming, further proposing a 7,750 million BDT disbursement to help almost a million farmers with fuel. This is a paragraph on climate change for hsc and ssc exam. Developed by Abdul Awal Ripon. Coupled with the high level of widespread poverty and increasing population density, limited adaptive capacity, and poorly funded, ineffective local governance have made the region one of the most adversely affected on the planet. Moreover, the Copenhagen Accord (COP 15) also pledges US$100 million of public and private finance by 2020, mostly to developing nations. Natural land accretion, paired with targeted policies to secure such land for farming use has the potential to partially mitigate the effects of land lost.[12]. Waterproofs are necessary during the monsoon season. Bangladesh lies at the bottom of the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna (GBM) river system. In most countries like Bangladesh, yields from rain-fed agriculture was predicted to be reduced to 50% by 2020. Climate change in Bangladesh is a pressing issue. The People's Republic of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, is bordered to the west and northwest by West Bengal (India), to the north by Assam and Meghalaya (India), to the east by Assam and Tripura (India) and by Myanmar (Burma) to the southeast.

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