cisco router show commands

Active maximum transmission unit (MTU) enabled on this port for transmission. Table 6-25 describes the fields in the show fc srp lu command output. (Optional) Specifies a partition whose nodes run services that you want to view. Globally unique identifier of the IB node (switch or channel adapter). This command displays the status of configured layer three protocols on all interfaces of the Cisco routers. Table 6-16 show diagnostic card Command Field Descriptions. For more information refer to section 14.2.4, "Management Key" in InfiniBand Architecture®, Vol.

To display the status of the power supplies on your Server Switch, enter the show power-supply command in User Exec mode or Privileged Exec mode. The following example shows the output of the show interface ib command with the statistics keyword. Statistical data is comprised of transmission errors, requests, discards, packet fragments, etc. Last action that an administrator performed on the test. Also, some handy shortcut keys are included. show fc srp initiatorshow fc srp itlshow interface fc. This value also affects the maximum rate at which traps can be sent from this port. 1, Release 1.1, for a description of HLL. Name of the service that the target runs. To view the configuration of the HTTP server on your Server Switch, enter the show ip http command in User Exec mode or Privileged Exec mode. To display attributes of the internal IB gateway ports of Fibre Channel and Ethernet expansion modules, enter the show interface gateway command in User Exec mode or Privileged Exec mode.

The value defaults to 10. For more information, refer to section, "VL Arbitration Table" of InfiniBand Architecture®, Vol. 1, Release 1.1, for more information. The SNMP identifier is useful if you are running your own SNMP software. On the Cisco SFS 3012 and Cisco SFS 3001 platforms, the IOC identifies a Fibre Channel gateway slot. •When the all keyword follows the show b-agent switch command, it displays statistics for all switches in the chassis. The interval, in seconds, during which a synchronization session status MAD packet must arrive at the master SM to maintain synchronization. This is a very vital command used in order to verify the routing tables. Table 6-65 ip-backup Keyword Output Field Descriptions. 1, Release 1.1, for more information.

The count represented by an instance of this object is incremented when the frame-too-longs status is returned by the MAC service to the LLC (or other MAC user). (Optional) Specifies the ID of the service to display. The virtual lane exits the VLStalled state (8 * HLL) units after entering it.

System mode of the Server Switch (see "system-mode" section). For original Anafa chips, no parenthetical text appears. For this release, all targets connect to NL_Ports. Indicates if the port is physically ready for configuration and use. Displays the configured hostnames and their, Displays all users connected to the router, Displays history of Cisco IOS commands used, Displays info about loaded Cisco IOS software. Table 6-28 lists and describes the fields in the show host command output. There are whole books written about Cisco router configurations and commands. A transition is a port change from down to initialize, initialize to down, armed to down, or active to down as a result of link state machine logic. To display the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) advertisement information, enter the show cdp command in User Exec mode or Privileged Exec mode. and the system will reset itself at 85 C, Table 6-77 show sensor Command Field Descriptions. IP address that you assigned to the port. •If the database of the master subnet manager synchronizes with one or more standby databases. 1, Release 1.1, for more information. The default is down. Displays "active" or "inactive" to indicate that the card actively services IP packets addressed to the IP address in the "address" field or does not service packets to the specified address. You cannot configure this value. Maximum speed the link is capable of handling.
For character-oriented or fixed-length interfaces, the number of outbound transmission units that could not be transmitted because of errors. Please let me know if you knew any other commands in general for OSPF in different platforms which includes Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HP and Arista Networks. Displays attributes of nodes that connect to the switch. The following example displays the SNMP trap receivers for all users. Table 6-2 describes the fields in the show authentication command output. World-wide node name (WWNN) of the initiator. Active means the port is fully operational. Name of the service to associate with the target. 75 C would be an alarm temp. Cumulative number of packets, delivered by this sub-layer to a higher layer, that were addressed to a multicast address at this sub-layer. Amount of time that the master SM waits before it attempts to initiate a synchronization session with a new SM.

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