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Eumemmerring is a small suburb neighbouring Dandenong South. Collingwood moves up the ranks due to its walkability score – the fourth best in Melbourne according to this study. Seaford scores several points for culture, open space, low congestion and of course proximity to the coast. Where Prahran doesn’t perform as well is in crime, open space, and congestion, the latter of which is the fifth worst in Melbourne. Trains, buses and employment are other categories Seddon performs particularly well in. Cranbourne East ranks fourth last in the city for topographic variation, fifth last for trams, and is in the bottom 10 for both employment and cafes. Airport West is ranked in the top 10 suburbs for its retail thanks to Westfield shopping centre. Other areas the suburb rates well for are buses, tree cover and topographic variation. What lets Waterways down are its ranks in the bottom 10 for culture, retail, employment, education, tree cover and walkability.

Kew’s ranking has remained close to unchanged for three studies in a row. St Helena is between Eltham North and Greensborough 21 kilometres north-east of the CBD. The employment rate is also relatively low. Its best traits for liveability include train access, having plenty of buses, and abundant open space. It also has a decent proximity to primary schools, allowing it to rank higher than neighbouring Brunswick in this category. It ranks middle of the road for several other elements, but is most affected by having limited topographic variation, cafes and access to trains.

Fairfield achieves top 30 ranks in the culture, cafe and open space indicators respectively, and above average across positions in most other areas. The lowest scores it receives are for crime (the sixth worst in Melbourne), open space and congestion. There are more Flat(49%) in this suburb.

The suburb ranks in the top 10 for lack of traffic congestion, in Melbourne, but in nearly every other category assessed in this study, Lyndhurst performs poorly.

Where Langwarrin performs well is the categories of education and crime, and it has the second best score for road congestion in the city. Categories that St Kilda ranks in the top 25 for are culture, cafe, buses, employment, walkability and proximity to the coast. 8. What’s dragging down its overall rank most is the very high crime score, which is the third worst in the city. Where it could improve most is in the provision of open space, primary schools and by having a larger cultural sector. What’s holding back Southbank from achieving a top 10 overall rank is it crime rate, limited primary schools, open space, congestion, and minimal topographic variation.

Scores for crime, cafes and congestion are average, otherwise, Patterson Lakes shows significant room for improvement in all remaining categories. Eaglemont, located next to Ivanhoe, is a strong performer in the tree cover and topographic variation categories, plus it has an abundance of open space. Glen Huntly scores highest for trains, trams and walkability. The suburb’s biggest issue for this study is its small retail sector. 8. There have been some changes to criteria since the last study in 2015, which has seen some suburbs tumble down the rankings and others soar, while some suburbs previously measured have been deemed insufficiently urban for the purposes of the 2019 study. Train access and cafes are other strengths.

Springvale South has a good score for crime and great proximity to education. For most other factors assessed in this study, Abbotsford achieves average to good scores except for congestion and crime, where it ranks poorly.

Coastside Altona, located 13 kilometres south-west of the CBD, ranks in the top 20 suburbs for its proximity to both education and open space. The minimal amount of public transport plus low scores for culture, cafes, and retail detract from Altona Meadows’ excellent open space that ranks the fourth best in Melbourne.

The suburb’s lowest scores are for access to trains, employment, education, open space and tree cover. Langwarrin suffers from a lack of public transport with the exception of buses. Rosanna, located 12 kilometres north-east of the CBD, is very accessible by bus and has decent access to trains. The suburb ranks second worst in the city for trains (a rail line proposal for the area from 1969 is still just a proposal) and it also needs better walkability. Dallas is in needed of more shops, tree cover, culture, cafes and a lower crime rate to rank higher on this list. In almost every other category assessed, Croydon North ranks in the bottom 100 suburbs, hence its overall rank on this study. Weak scores in most other categories underpin Keilor Lodge’s low ranking on this list. Tecoma is a small suburb between Belgrave and Upwey in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Where it continues to score highly are cafes, trams, employment, open space, education and coast proximity. The best things about Park Orchards are its low crime and natural landscape with plenty of trees and hills.

Its overall rank can be attributed to decent scores in almost all categories, particularly buses, crime and education. It scores the highest for its physical attributes including tree cover and topographic variation, along with cafes and employment. Visits per property. worst in Melbourne), open space and congestion. Have you taken the quiz to find your ideal suburb? The number of cafes in Werribee has improved, adding to its great scores for trains and congestion. Blackburn South has a low crime rate and great proximity to schools but is let down in many other areas. The suburb gets good scores for culture, open space, congestion and provides decent proximity to schools. Gladstone Park’s overall rank would improve with higher scores in culture, employment and walkability.

Residents in the area benefit from very low crime – the fourth best ranking in the city – good proximity to schools, clear roads and excellent topographic variation. Warranwood’s name is a conjunction of the suburbs Warrandyte and Ringwood that it is located near. Let us know what you thought. Walkability is also decent, but the lack of schools, trees and hills brings down its overall score. The suburb gets very low scores for culture, tree cover and employment, and isn’t much better for education, topographic variation and crime. More public transport would also boost Epping’s liveability. If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Carlton North rent out for $680 PW with an annual rental yield of 2.1% and units rent for $450 PW with a rental yield of 3.0%. Lower Plenty ranks very well for topographic variation, tree cover, crime and open space but most of its other individual category scores are poor. Brunswick continues to move up the ranks thanks to its thriving arts, shopping and dining scenes that give it strong culture, retail and cafe scores. It doesn’t rank terribly in any of the assessed categories, but scores only averagely across many such as education and congestion. Where it’s most outstanding is access to schools where it ranks in the top 10 suburbs, followed by coast proximity and tree cover. 9. (A suburb’s culture score is determined by the density of its cultural services, as. Kealba’s name derives from two of its neighbouring suburbs – Keilor and St Albans. Home median rent ranks No.61 among 1252 suburbs of Victoria. The suburb is a strong performer in the topographic variation category and does decently for crime and congestion.

10. Its increased culture score is behind its improved overall rank along with excellent retail and cafes thanks to Eastland Shopping Centre.

Dragging down its overall score is a poor ranking for train access, and the suburb doesn’t fare well in the employment, crime, education and tree cover indicators, either. Dandenong’s neighbour Doveton provides excellent proximity to both primary and secondary schools, includes generous open space, and the roads aren’t normally congested. Its scores for tree cover and walkability are also low. It ranks in the bottom 10 suburbs for both retail and cafes, but has the benefit of a low crime rate, generous open space and great topographic variation. Areas it performs weakly in are employment, culture, proximity to schools, culture and walkability.

More in the way of culture, retail, employment, walkability, cafes and better train access is needed for a better overall score. Melbourne's most liveable suburb: South Yarra. Nelson Alexander Real Estate - Carlton North. Croydon South’s overall liveability is also affected by being a long distance from the coast. Despite recording weak scores for retail, cafes, walkability, and trains, Essendon West is balanced out by having a very low crime rate, plenty of hills and open space (the equal eighth best in Melbourne). What’s holding Elwood back is a lack of secondary schools and its relatively flat landscape. On the other end of the spectrum are its congested roads – the worst in this city according to this study. People from … Open space and walkability however are poor in the area, and the suburb doesn’t score well for culture and retail. Those at the upper end of the scale include culture, retail, education and congestion. The suburb ranks well for retail due to its proximity to nearby Brandon Park and the level of employment in this sector. More price ranking... 2.

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