are infrared thermometers safe for humans

A combined reverse image and keyword search found a longer version of the video published here on YouTube on July 13, 2020. Radiation energy from the surface of the body is captured and then converted into electrical energy and displayed in a digital number of degrees’ Celsius temperature on the infrared thermometer. Non-contact infrared thermometers that measure body temperature when held up to a person’s head have become popular amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Using a conventional thermometer increases the possibility of contagion. The Infrared Thermometer does not use a laser beam to measure a person's temperature but uses infrared rays that detect body temperature without impacting the retina. Infrared thermometers detect this and determine how hot a person’s body is according to the intensity of the light or radiation. All rights reserved. However, in recent days the public has been troubled by viral videos on social media stating that this tool is dangerous because it is considered to use LASER and damages the brain. Infrared thermometers are generally available in the market to detect eardrum temperature (ear thermometer) or forehead temperature (forehead thermometer). Not all thermometers are created equal “Various references say this brain-damaging reference is a false statement and this will endanger everyone and is counterproductive to prevent transmission from occurring.”. is in the infrared spectrum when viewed from the range of electromagnetic radiation. The Mayo Clinic, a US medical non-profit, explains that infrared thermometers are used because they are non-invasive and easy to use, although they … A laser is an amplification of light through a simulated beam. A lens narrowly focuses the infrared energy coming off the human body on to a detector in the device. Emission impossible They do not emit IR radiation but work in the opposite, detecting the IR radiation from you. AFP has not obtained any rights from the authors or copyright owners of this third party content and shall incur no liability in this regard. It has been viewed nearly 550 times. The video’s Indonesian-language title translates to English as: “Chatting with Ichsanuddin Noorsy is the Most Nutritious Apart From Chatting with Bossman Sontoloyo”. Human body temperature is well established as one of the key vital signs. The thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation and turns it into heat. The claim has also appeared on YouTube and on blogs promoting anti-vaccine and other conspiracy theories. Several industrial infrared thermometers use a laser with low energy. Infrared thermometers are meant to pick up the natural infrared wavelengths that your body emits. "Infrared thermometers usually use a lens to focus infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile. The infrared thermometers, however, can be used on the wrist or elbow to measure the body temperature. Some medical experts believe that it is not safe to point the thermometers at the forehead, as its frequent exposure may lead to some health issues. It should be 12: 1 for the accurate result. Thermogun is a type of infrared thermometer for measuring body temperature which is generally pointed at the forehead. The uptick in their popularity appears to have coincided with an increase in misinformation about the devices.. You probably found out about the very helpful infrared thermometers. As such there is no effect on human health. The messages on social media warning people about the dangers of infrared thermometers are inaccurate and fear-mongering. Any other use, in particular any reproduction, communication to the public or distribution of the content of this website, in whole or in part, for any other purpose and/or by any other means, without a specific licence agreement signed with AFP, is strictly prohibited. “Scientifically, various experts have said that this statement is incorrect because the thermal gun only measures [temperature] with infrared radiation that is reflected at all times by all objects around us. AFP Fact Check’s Spanish team has debunked other false claims about thermometer guns causing cancer and brain damage here, and killing neurons here. Is this true? However, this statement is not true because the infrared thermometer is quite safe. The press release issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Health says that while there have been some studies regarding the use of thermometers on the wrist, there is still no evidence to confirm its accuracy. Visitors or employees with a temperature above 37.5, are prohibited from entering and are asked to go to a health care facility. Some researchers have found the risk of infrared rays on sensitive body parts over some time. Yes, the infrared thermometer is a robust, pleasant, and accurate option for estimation of the temperature and is exceptionally valuable for the screening of fever in the pediatric populace. Try to imagine how they sell the device, then we are fooled, our heads are shot with lasers, we don't know impact of damage to the brain structure.". As it is also used on CD / DVD player and used as a cutter for medical purposes. Remote ear thermometers, also called tympanic thermometers, use an infrared ray to measure the temperature inside the ear canal. But the same study advised that infrared thermometers could effectively replace other, less invasive thermometers. It does not suggest thermometers can harm the brain. A meta-study of 37 different assessments of infrared thermometers found they were not accurate enough to replace more invasive rectal thermometers.

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