application of schrodinger wave equation

The Schrodinger Equation. Students work one-on-one, in real-time with a tutor, communicating and studying using a virtual whiteboard technology. due to the electron motion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In essence, we want to obtain an approximation value for E' for that acceptable wave function exists. From If we change the value of rAB, an analogous value of E(rAB) can be got. It is consequently the simplest molecular system that can be encountered in nature. We shall then attain the energy E' in terms of c1, c2, c3, that we can minimise. Your email address will not be published. Equation is known as the Hamiltonian form of Schrodinger equation. well except during collision with walls from which it rebounds elastically. The concept of wave function was introduced in the year 1925 with the help of the Schrodinger equation. 1. (6) to eq. For a particle in a conservative field of force system, using wave function, it becomes easy to understand the system. The discrete, energies lead to quantum states that will be considered in more detail in this, and later chapters. By using a wave function, the probability of finding an electron within the matter-wave can be explained. A potential energy function that is linear in the position coordinate, The correct answers are: A spectrum of evenly spaced energy levels, A non zero probability of finding the oscillator outside the classical turning points. The correct answer is: Energy levels are same,  in both cases. If E is finite, the wave function must be, = 0, in both regions I and III. The case of a symmetric one dimensional box, is similar to the box from x = 0 to a. The 2 hydrogen atoms are symbolized via A and B while the only electron is represented by e-. written as, Substituting Because the true energy of the system is the minimum energy from the potential energy curve, E' will represent the smallest eigen value computed. In the Figure, the equilibrium inter nuclear distance is req and corresponds to the region where the total energy of the system is a minimum (that is the system is stable there). Accordingly, a mixture of the two approaches is typically utilized in modern quantum chemistry. and ,therefore  from equation in a one dimension (say x). Consider the solutions to particle in one dimensional box of length, L. Which of the following is true for the group of functions  ψ2(x), As we go up in energy, each successive state has one more node. A and  are constants to be The interactions among the species are as follow: 1. Ψ=A sin Kx + B cos K x                                   (4). Now, any function can be written as a linear combination of these functions (sin and cos), The correct answers are: They are alternately even and odd with respect to the centre of the well, As we go up in energy, each successive state has one more node. the value of k from (1.67) to (1.63). As well the occurrence of n2 and n22 in the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen molecule suggests that we should look for another way of solving the equation. In this situation, we utilize an estimated technique to get the solution to the Schrodinger equation. This approach, which doesn't explicitly model bonds as existing between two atoms, is somewhat less appealing to the intuition than the valence bond approach. ψ1(x) has none, ψ2(x) has one, ψ3(x) has 2 and so on, They are mutually orthogonal, They form a complete set. Very good Explaination with proper Meaning of symbols but one suggestion to that please mention the diagram, Doing great… thank you so much.keep rocking, Your email address will not be published.

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