acacia catechu tree

It is sometimes planted in Indonesia (Java), Thailand, Burma and India, Black catechu, Black cutch, Catechu, Catechu tree, Cutch tree, Khair gum, Khair tree, Wadalee gum tree, cashoo, Moderate-sized deciduous, gregarious thorny trees, Occurs naturally in mixed deciduous forests and savannas of lower mountains and hills. Decoction is served to women after 2-3 days of child delivery, prepared by boiling katha along with. It is effective in curing Dental Problems. Glands occur on the stem below the first pair of leaves, and between the uppermost six pairs of leaves. It grows in dry open forest in the west of Thailand. * Please note: the comments by website users are not necessarily those held by PFAF and may give misleading or inaccurate information. To leave a comment please Register or login here All comments need to be approved so will not appear immediately. Privacy Policy Black cutch (Senegalia catechu P.J.H. Ayurveda recognizes the use of Acacia catechu heartwood (known as Khadira) in treating various conditions. Flavonoids, a type of water-soluble plant pigments, are the major class of compounds isolated from Acacia … In dry areas, black cutch is found on sandy or alluvial soils of riverbanks and watersheds. Black cutch seeds contain about 16% DM of crude protein and 2.2% DM of lipids. Cutch is used as adhesive in plywood industry and it is also used in preparing polishes and paints. (Catechin / Kattha / Pale Catechu), Cutch L'acacia à cachou est surtout cultivé pour son bois rouge foncé. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Dehli, Bulletin No. It is useful  both when applied  externally and taken  internally. Being exported in large numbers to various parts of the world since many centuries, Acacia has been immensely significant as herb of great medicinal value. Hurter & Mabb. Khadir flower paste is useful in mouth ulcers. Growth is initially slow but increases as roots develop. The bark of the tree is grayish brown in color that exfoliates into long and narrow strips. Wood of khair is preferred to prepare various parts of local plough, handles of axe, saw, sickle, hammer, spade and combs. 25, 1-30, Shen, D.; Wu, Q.; Wang, M.; Yang, Y.; Lavoie, E. J.; Simon, J. E., 2006. catechuoides is found in Sikkim terai, West Bengal and Assam (it is also the main variety in Burma). All Rights Reserved. pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). It contains 3-10 flat, ovoid, dark brown seeds, 5-8 mm in diameter (CRC Weed Management, 2003). Water boiled with the heartwood chips of Khair, is used to take bath by women after delivery. catechu, var. (Subansenee, 1991). Bhadauria et al., 2002.; Gupta et al., 2011; Mlay et al., 2006; Sahoo et al., 2010; Sen, 1938; Verma et al., 2014, Heuzé V., Tran G., Hassoun P., Lebas F., 2018. Veterinarski Arhiv, 76 (1): 53-63, Orwa, C.; Mutua, A.; Kindt, R.; Jamnadass, R.; Anthony, S., 2009. We are currently updating this section. For a list of references used on this page please go here var. Stem is dark brown to black, with rough bark which peels off in long strips in mature trees; young trees have corky bark. Recommended plant spacing is 4 m x 6 m or 2 m x 4 m. In wet regions the seeds may be sown directly in the field (Subansenee, 1991). Nutritional assessment of different parts of. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); POLICY Acacia catechu extract is derived from heartwood of the tree and is known to contain catechins, which have wide range of therapeutic actions. Latin Name: Acacia catechu; Family: Mimosaceae; Sanskrit: Gayatri Acacia Catechu Medicinal Uses Cultivation: regional crop. When there is bleeding, use of decoction of bark gives relief. There are 15,000-40,000 seeds/kg (Subansenee, 1991). Acacia catechu (Leguminosae), commonly known as black catechu or cutch. Acacia catechu is a deciduous Tree growing to 15 m (49ft) by 10 m (32ft) at a fast rate. The fern-like leaves are 100-200 mm long and contain between 8 and 30 pairs of small leaves made up of numerous, oblong pairs of secondary leaflets 2-6 mm long. It contains 3-10 seeds. If available other names are mentioned here. In flooded areas, the seeds should be sown on a raised bed of about 60 cm high (ICFRE, 2015). It is capable of growing in shallow soils. Its branches are extensively lopped for fodder before leaf fall (Orwa et al., 2009). In case of elephantiasis use of decoction of heartwood of khadir with cow’s urine and honey is useful. It provides highly calorific firewood that also makes good quality charcoal. Leaves, young shoot and bark of which are often used to check bleeding and discharges. Being grown in astonishing Himalayan range, heartwood of this tree is highly prodigious and top-notch quality from Catechu trees found in other parts of India and world.

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