10 benefits of agriculture

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Accurately tracking production rates by field over time allows for detailed predicting of future crop yield and value of a farm. 3. In the long run, this will boost procurement infrastructure near the farmgate, which will be the biggest benefit for us.”. Fat is one of the major nutrients derived from agricultural produce. “There are numerous opportunities in the space that could see new kinds of players in contract farming frameworks, farmer advisory, farm consulting providers, and online farm marketplaces,” says Puneet of Farmpal. Until now, agriculture and farming are associated to animal rearing, aquaculture, forestry, dairy products, and many more; but now, the game has changed. By growing surplus grain, you are depleting India's most precious natural resource (water), and heading towards an environmental disaster.”. Here are some benefits of implementing a smart agriculture solution: Optimized crop treatment such as accurate planting, watering, pesticide application and harvesting directly affects production rates. Farmers are now more empowered to make choices that will be remunerative in the long run. The rate at which oil price is falling is fast; according to OPEC as shown in a bar chat diagram by Statista.com, the price of oil per barrel has seen over 50% reduction compared to five years ago. These smallholder farmers make up over 80 percent of the agrarian population, and are not the ones protesting. If there’s a dispute in a transaction that happens outside the APMC, say if a corporate cheats or exploits the farmer, who will resolve that? Automating processes in planting, treatment and harvesting can reduce resource consumption, human error and overall cost. More professional agencies would step in to certify and grade produce. Monitoring and collecting data for soil moisture, air temperature, air humidity and sunlight intensity across multiple fields will improve efficiency of water usage and crop yield of large and local farms. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to live in cities. Analyzing production quality and results in correlation to treatment can teach farmers to adjust processes to increase quality of the product. Now, those relationships will get storified into contracts across crops, regions, etc. But now, they can work with platforms like us directly. The Bills are said to empower local entrepreneurs too. In this article, I have used Nigeria as the case study; but, the article can be related to every single country that value agriculture and its benefits. In Punjab and Haryana, for instance, 75 percent of the procurement is done by the government. 73 Million. This is a huge tailwind for agri warehousing businesses. As a matter of fact, it has direct impact on economic development outside of the agricultural sector. Weather predictions and soil moisture sensors allow for water use only when and where needed. Most stakeholders believe that more privatisation will lead to increased investments and tech-led innovations, especially in sourcing and collection centres, storage, and supply chain infrastructure. Farm Bills will lead to more efficient supply chains in the food trade. While there are several evolving threads in the Farm Bill discussion, in this piece, YourStory attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff — quite literally — and establish the on-ground impact of the new legislation. In addition, agriculture can alleviate poverty through the following ways: As shown above, Nigeria and other developing countries can alleviate poverty by focusing on long term crops and livestock; with minimal effect on the environment. A bit like what India witnessed after the liberalisation of the economy in 1991. India is a grain-surplus country already, and today, the population is eating more sabzi, fruit, dairy, and animal protein. or better still, what is the important of agriculture in Nigeria and other countries? With a free market and increased competition, farmers will get price benefits.”. Agriculture is important as a source of livelihood, without it, our existence will not have been possible. Better infrastructure and climate-controlled storage facilities give end consumers good quality perishables with a longer shelf life,” Sudhakar adds. As can be seen, the act of farming and food production benefits both the farmer and farm product users. To begin with, let us look at other income generating sector to the Nigeria economy. Because of the opening up of the agri trade, there is likely to be more corporatisation, privatisation and participation of organised players. The larger farmers who tend to benefit more from the earlier scenario might have more reason to protest.”. This helped to … Proteins are know to be an essential for human body. In a world where the internet of things is accelerating adoption of data gathering and automation, an important industry such as agriculture can surely benefit. How Many American Idiots Are There? Co-founder and CEO Tauseef Khan says, “We can go to any state or farming belt directly without partnering with local mandis. Source of Livelihood: . These funds are generated through the following: You can see that the role played by agriculture in Nigeria for its economic development is vital; therefore, we all need to embrace it for the development of our country. There are great relationship between the two as capital formation act as a catalyst that generate funds for the government. Nigeria need to up her rice production. Truly, there is no country that does not need huge amount of capital for its economic development. … The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science…….citation from wikipedia. Arya Collateral’s Prasanna says, “A layer of trust and quality assurance will be enabled by these laws. Farmers can visualize production levels, soil moisture, sunlight intensity and more in real time and remotely to accelerate decision making process. Rahul Ghose tells us how MoneyFLIX is revolutionising the financial education space, Despite COVID-19, this VC firm is busy with more funding deals and new initiatives, agritech platform that organises the post-harvest supply chain, agritech startup that provides greenhouse-grown fresh produce, agri startup that enables last-mile delivery of fruits and vegetables. For this reason, here are the main reasons why agriculture is important in everyday life. Explore the Challenges and Uses of Real-time Analytics, Infographic: Industrial Internet of Things. #10 Agriculture provides food from limited sources Urban agriculture on a small scale can help to localize food production, reducing the overall environmental footprint of our modern food systems. Earlier, the farmers would have to sell their produce through local aggregators and mandis, which would then sell to consumers at a higher price. Please check your email for a confirmation email. Since it encourages international trading, it also act as a source of foreign exchange for the country. The Bills will encourage them to come closer to farmers, get first access to their produce, and invest in cold chains near the farmgate.”. Increase your income by using agricultural implement that give better results in agricultural. If you’ve followed the recent news cycle and social media trends, you would be acquainted with the three Farm Bills — a set of agricultural reforms passed by the Rajya Sabha and cleared by the President of India. They are not mandated to go to the mandi. Omnivore’s Mark says, “Do we really want to pay farmers to grow more rice that will sit and rot in the Food Corporation of India godowns? Because of the fact that the demand for agricultural product is high, countries producing them can reap from the benefits.

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